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ABB POWERLINES LTD( Powerlines Ltd )

Business: The Design, Supply and Construction of
Overhead Transmission Lines from 33kV to
400kV; Telecommunication and GSM
Installations, with Activities such as
Transport and Logistics; Site Engineering,
Tale Implementation, Radio Base Station
Installation, False Flooring, Flood Lighting,
etc, Radio and TV Mast Installation, Rural
Electrification, Substations Civil and Electro
Mechanical Works, Structural Steel Fabrication
and Erection, Civil Works Construction,
Roofing Including Stadium/Pavilion Coverings,
Water Supply, Aqueducts, Including
Irrigation Plants, and Related Schemes
Address: *1, Awosika Street, Ikeja, Lagos
Tel: (01) 4972301, 4973014
Fax: (01) 4972301


Structure: 45% Nigerian; 55% Foreign
Board Chairman/Management:
Chief Christopher O. Ogunbanjo – Chairman
Wolfgang Pfeiffer (German) – Managing Director
Adekunle Bajo – Executive Director
Philip Streets (French) - General Manager