Mo Cheddah Exposes her naked Picture via twitter

Posted in Entertainment by Evince Obi | 2011-10-05 15:37:18 | 4905 Views

What was she thinking when she posted that picture. Well, Mo’Cheddah was trying to send a tweet to Eldee on twitter of her nakedness, but things went bad when she mistakely sent it to her followers also, and eldee. When she discovered this, she cried on twitter:
“Pls neva believe what you see, someone just sent me that picture. pls tweeps my account has been hacked. Disregard my tweets. I’m working on securing my account. And of coz, that’s not me,” she hurriedly twitted.
Also her partner in crime, Eldee, tried to rescue the situation by sending Mo’Cheddah another Direct Message, which read thus: “@Mocheddah if people here can see it (the nude picture) just say someone posted it to you in the hotel.”
But things got even messier when Eldee’s own DM tweet also appeared on his followers public space. So far, they are both denying the incident pointblank and have deleted all tweets that could link to the nude picture..