Industrial LAWMA Waste Bin Supplier In Lagos

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Solmate Communications is providing a friendly and reliable service for recycling purpose and other environmental waste.
Our service aims to help commercial, non-commercial, licensed and unlicensed premises who produce high volume of waste, to dispose of their waste in a safe and convenient way whilst helping the environment at the same time.
We also supply a range of wheelie bins and wheel-based waste containers; and our customers includeApartment, complex, manufacturing company, oil and gas firm, maritimes, shipping company, Construction sites/industrial zone, Outlet malls, Public places and City Parks, residential houses, hospitals, estates, offices, Complexes, industries, Local Councils, Health Authorities and numerous other types of business.

Our wheelie bins all conform to the necessary European Standards, and are; UV, heat, cold and chemically resistant. Each wheelie bin is also compatible to all standard refuse vehicle hydraulic lifting equipment.
In stock we also have a range of wheelie bin sizes from vary from: 120 - 1100 litres in both High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Galvanised Steel.
Available Bin Sizes/Container:
Double Wheeled Bin (Plastic)
120 Litre, 240 Litre, 360 Litre

1100 Ltr 4 Wheeled Bin (Plastic)

4 Wheeled Bin (Galvanised)
500 Litre, 1100 Litre

Enjoy Benefit of Services:

Payment on delivery
Delivery at your door step
Free Delivery within Lagos

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High-quality products
Genuine products
Durable products
Great customer service
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