20 Amazing Facts about Animals

From tiny flea to the great blue whale, all the animals in the world have unique qualities. This list of amazing facts, you didn’t know about animals, might just surprise you.

1-    It is very impressive that in green areas there are about 45,000 spiders per acre. It’s a dangerous information and now we bet you will think many times before going outside of your home.

2-    The Kangaroo’s tail is the most important part of Kangaroos body because they use their tail to balance their whole body.

3-    Bats are the only mammals in the world that can fly, and another interesting fact is they are blind.

4-    A mature male Ostriches can roar like a mature lion and can run faster than horses. Another interesting fact is they commit suicide if they are alone.

5-    The koala can only eat eucalyptus leaves.

6-    The teeth of Beaver never stop growing, so they always maintain their teeth by gnawing on different objects. If they did not maintain their teeth, then the teeth start growing in their brain.

7-    The ants did not sleep in their whole life, and they do not have lungs.

8-    Oysters are the only animal which changes gender, this process is totally depending on the mating.

9-    Butterflies have 2 different compound eyes, these compounds consist thousands of lenses. But they can only see three color Yellow, Green, and red.

10-    Tiger contains many stripes on their fur and skin. The interesting fact is the alignment and the shape of these stripes are unique on every tiger.

11-    The most sensitive part of a crocodile body is an eyeball, so if some crocodile attacks on you then try to push your thumb into its eyeball.

12-    Fleas can easily jump two hundred times of their total height. It is similar that a human is jumping, from the Empire State Building.

13-    The listening power of cats is awesome. They contain 32 muscles in each ear.

14-    It is so interesting that the Elephant can smell the water. They can smell the water from 3 miles. The elephant is also a mammal that undergoes menopause.

15-    If a snail loses one if its eye it can grow back a new one.

16-    If you need to know the gender of a turtle, then it is so easy. You can judge its gender with the shape of its nose. Female hiss and male grunt.

17-    A lot of plants are accidentally planted by squirrels because they bury many nuts on different places and forget where they hide it. So, next time when you see any squirrel you might want to thank.

18-    Dogs are also the part of this list because every dog nose prints are unique like human fingerprints. So in future dog nose print can be used dog identification.

19-    Hummingbirds can fly in the backward direction and their wings can easily beat 80 times per second.

20-    The slowest fish of the ocean is a seahorse, it moves with the speed of 0.01 meters per hour.

This list of facts in no sense is a complete list of facts about animals. We still know very less about animals. If these facts surprised you, share it with your friends.

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