3 Things a Coupon Site Should Do To Last Longer

In and around 2014 there were so many coupon sites but most of them are no longer in business. However, there are still a few sites that have stood the test of time -they are still operational with great performance. But what could be the secret?

In this article, we outline three main things every coupon site should have so as not to be wiped out.

1. Access to finding

In early 2012, coupon sites flooded the internet. Many affiliate- even those with limited capital, created coupon site using ready-made WordPress themes. However, maintaining a coupon database with thousands of coupons requires a sophisticated data management system which cannot be offered by a WordPress site. You also need to invest heavily in custom code. On top of this, you need a huge budget for promotions and outreach.

Most of the successful voucher sites in the UKtoday have access to millions of dollars that they raise from venture capitalists and other investors. A large share of the capital is often used in coding and creating an effective data management system.

2. Skilled employees and experienced leaders

Coupon sites that started in 2012 through to 2014 consisted of only a few people and in most cases one person to oversee everything. This is practically impossible. A single person cannot operate a coupon site especially when representingthousands of merchants.

For a coupon site to last long, a team of professionals is needed to stay in contact with the affiliate networks or the merchants and another team to update the coupon codes frequently- usually on a weekly basis. You also need a marketing team to do the outreach on other websites and blogs, a full time SEO expert and experienced full time coders for front end and backend development.

At the very least, you need 15 full time staff and they should be managed by an experienced manager.

3. Building an authority website and marketing

Any person can start a coupon site -After all, you just need to get affiliate links and deals from affiliate networks. However, this is only the easier part of creating a coupon site. The real challenge begins when creating an authority website. In fact, having valid coupon is not as important as having a trustworthy coupon site to the search engines.

Groupon is a great example of a coupon site that has invested heavily both online and offline marketing and managed to create a site with millions of natural backlinks. To achieve this, the site owners have spent millions of dollars on social media marketing and TV commercials which has resulted in multiple blogs and websites linking to them. Groupon.com has so much authority that merchant pages with no content rank at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

In the recent years, many affiliates have tried to create coupon sites with no success. However, there are a few coupon sites that have managed to become successful thanks to having big budgets, team of skilled employees managed by experienced leaders and focusing on building an authority website.

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