5 Beautiful Flowers To Consider While Gifting to Your Close Ones

Flowers make the perfect gift when it comes to your close ones like friends and family. Whether it’s for a grand occasion like your brother’s wedding, sister’s bridal shower, sister-in-law’s baby shower, parents’ wedding anniversary, grandparents’ birthday, cousin’s wedding reception, etc. or something like your dad’s business deal getting finalised, your niece’s graduation, your nephew’s promotion, your aunt giving birth, your mom starting her own business, your best friend finally getting into a relationship with his or her crush, etc., each of these days are special and it deserves a celebration and of course, some fresh beautiful flowers. In fact, even when it’s not a special day but just a random day when you are probably thinking about your parents, or missing your sibling, or your best friend is ill, or you just want to wish your partner a good day ahead, you need some flowers to send to these people, isn’t it?

While all flowers are beautiful and you can send any to your close ones on any occasion, we have made a list of 5 amazing flowers that you should definitely consider while gifting to your near and dear ones to bring a smile on their beautiful face:

  • Lily

Lilies look majestic, don’t they? They look extraordinary and will instantly bring a smile on the recipient’s face. Each variety of this flower signifies a different thing, for example, white Lily stands for purity and fertility, orange Lilies stand for happiness, love, and warmth, and the red one stands for love and affection. One of the best things about Lilies is that they have a vase life of about 10-14 days so if you lovingly give a bouquet of gorgeous fresh Lilies to your loved ones, they can keep it for almost two weeks and each day it would remind them of you and bring a smile on their face!

  • Gerbera

Gerbera is a very bright and beautiful flower that symbolises various things like  innocence, purity, cheerfulness and loyal love, and is also believed to lessen the sorrows and stresses of everyday life. Thus, giving a bouquet of gorgeous Gerberas to your loved ones is a very thoughtful gift and would be very well appreciated.

  • Carnation

Carnations, just like Roses, have different meanings according to their different colours. For example, the light red carnations symbolise admiration, while dark red ones stand for deep love and affection (making it the most perfect gift for the love of your life and for occasions like weddings, Valentine’s Day, etc.). White carnations represent pure love and good luck, while the pink one stands for a mother’s undying love for her child (perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mommy dearest).

  • Tulip

The forever beautiful and extraordinary Tulips symbolise a variety of things but most commonly it stands for deep love, therefore it’s a very popular choice of flower between couples, best friends, and of course children and their parents. In case you didn’t know, Tulips are also associated with rebirth and charity.

Do you know how you can make the simple act of gifting flowers even more special for your loved ones? By surprising them with a bouquet of fresh flowers at midnight. Yes, you read that right. You can now very easily get Midnight Flower Delivery in Mumbai and every other Indian city, so what are you waiting for? Surprise your special one tonight itself!

  • Rose

Is any flower list even complete without mentioning the Rose? We don’t think so. Rose is like the queen of flowers, don’t you agree? They look beautiful and smell fantastic, and are the perfect gift for any and every occasion. Send rose online for your near and dear ones and make their day as beautiful as the roses.

Whatever the occasion might be and no matter how far away you are living from your loved ones, don’t forget to send flowers to bangalore online or wherever they might be residing to celebrate the special day and to remind them how much they mean to you. Flowers will very rightly convey your emotions to them- try it out yourself!

If you think sending flowers for your loved ones is too mainstream, try sending something more unique yet something that you know for sure that they are going to love- for examples, chocolate bouquets. Yes, bouquets made of real edible chocolates. Not only do these look gorgeous but taste heavenly too. You can now get chocolate bouquet & flower delivery online in bangalore and everywhere else in India without even having to spend hours looking for it on the internet- it’s really just a click away!

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