5 reasons to give yourself a foot massage

Your feet are one of the body parts that do the most for you. They carry you all day in probably uncomfortable shoes. By the end of the end, your feet are the most tired and in need of care.

Foot massage is not a new thing and dates back over five centuries in China. It is on the basis of these ancient practices that reflexology came about.

Reflexology is a technique where an individual applies pressure on the feet with the objective of making a physical change in the body.

So why should you give yourself a foot massage?

Enhance circulation

The stresses of our daily lives can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. You go to work in shoes that don’t fit properly, spend the whole day moving about and you don’t get sufficient exercise. All these factors lead to bad circulation. If you notice your feet are getting numb or often have a tingling sensation, then that is a sign of this problem. However, using one of the best foot massagers will help the circulation throughout your body.

Stress relief

A lot is being said about practical ways that help reduce stress. However, a simple foot rub has almost the same effect as those techniques. Research shows that a 5-minute massage is enough to help anybody relax and reduce stress regardless of the job they have. When you do a foot massage, you will find that you have better moods and your anxiety levels are at their lowest.

You sleep better

When you give yourself a foot massage before retiring for the night, you will experience a deeper and more relaxed sleep. You will then wake up the following morning feeling energized and ready to take on the challenges that the day will bring.

Good for your swollen feet

When your feet remain inactive for some time, they may get swollen. This condition is very common for expectant mothers.

People with edema usually have a swelling around the ankles and managing it is easy. All you need is adequate rest, a proper diet and more importantly, a foot massage.

Foot massages are also good in the treatment of foot-related injuries.

You can use it to treat headaches and migraines

 Maybe you gave tried in vain to get rid of your constant headaches in vain. However, the good news is that you can treat it through a foot massage. A variety of research has shown that a 30-minute massage every day helps alleviate this condition.

For maximum results, do your massage on the reflex points of the foot. If you have difficulty in doing it by yourself, then you can hire a professional reflexologist.

Lowers blood pressure

Apart from relieving stress and enhancing blood circulation, a foot massage also helps in reducing blood pressure. Many times, people never think of this little important fact. Essentially, a simple foot massage may be all you need to reduce your BP to the recommended level. The best part of all this is that you can actually do it yourself.

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