6 Tips To Turn Your Video From Blah To Fantastic

Using video marketing to grow your business? Then simple videos won’t do the trick. Whether you plan to share your video content on a website or social media or YouTube, remember you want to get high leads from it. Thus, you cannot be casual about it.

While shooting, planning, and editing the video, ensure that it has the best quality because that is the only way you can engage your audience. It is not as challenging as it sounds. With the right team, knowledge, and equipment, you can create videos of professional level. So, read the tips below carefully and start your video marketing journey now.

1. Make sure there is enough lightning

One of the most important things to have for having a professional video is to have proper lighting. Without that even if the video content and editing are great, your video will look amateurish. Keep in mind that you cannot replace the lightning you get while shooting through editing; it can make it a bit better, but not professional.

So, have proper lighting while shooting. The Sun is the best source of natural light, and to get the best out of it shoot in early morning hours or evening when sunlight is not overhead. When you have to shoot mid-day, try a place with soft light, otherwise, the overhead rays will cast shadows.

For indoor shootings, make sure you have tons of artificial light- soft and hard per the scene and room requirement. Knowing and using the right types of lights is imperative for a quality video.

2. Have proper equipment

Depending on your video content, budget, and audience, the equipment needs would vary. But you do need a basic supply of equipment for a professional-level video.

Camera: Invest in a professional camera if you want to shoot an exceptional video

  • Editing software: Adobe premiere or FCP for Mac are the best. They have tons of features which will make editing fun.
  • Lights: We talked about artificial lights above. Even if you are shooting a video for your YouTube channel, you need light in your room or studio. So, find the ones that meet your budget and get them.
  • Microphone: You want clear audio so the characters in your video should have a microphone, even if you are going for voice-over later.
  • Tripod: So, that you do not have shaky footage

Other equipment may vary as I said according to content and need.

3. Place an outro

When you are editing your video, make sure you put an outro. It looks professional and aids you with engagement as well. The outro is the last part of the video in which you can put CTAs like asking for subscription, and all.

To ensure your outro is correct and exceptional, use an outro making tool, which provides templates and other features ensuring it comes out safe.

4. Work on your background

The background of the video is another thing you need to keep in mind. It should not be messy or distracting or completely opposite of the video content, otherwise, the video will look unprofessional. Tips:

  • If you are using a natural background, make sure there is light, and it is not messy.
  • If you are going for a fake one, using a green screen or solid colours is your best bet. Even a curtain can help with a solid colour background.
  • Make sure there are reflective surfaces in the background as it will make the subject look shadowy and dark.

5. Have a killer thumbnail

Another tip to create a professional video is to have a killer and appealing thumbnail for your video. A compelling thumbnail ensures that the audience will click on it. Tips:

  • Use relevant images or quotes, preferably the face of the character or final dish, if it is a cooking video.
  • Do not lie to the audience in the thumbnail. Its content should match with the video content.

6. Shoot using different angles

Never shoot the whole video in one angle. Shoot all scenes in a variety of angles. It gives you multiple perspectives and angles, and you can decide which is better in editing.

These tips will help a budding YouTube video creator as well. If you are looking to succeed as a YouTube influencer, these tips should be on your mind. For everyone involved with video marketing, follow these rules and enjoy an engaging video and high leads.

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