The first thing people do when they want to travel is book cheap flights. What is the next thing they do? Look for good hotels of course. When it comes to hotels, most people look for affordability, hygiene, and location among other things. But the list we’re bringing you focuses on different things altogether. This one’s for adventurous travelers who love trying new things. Here is a list of bizarre hotels around the world you might want to try lodging at. Apart from offering you all the regular comforts such as clean rooms, grand views, and excellent room service, these hotels offer you other unique experiences as well. Go through the following list and see which one suits your quirky personality.

  1. Hotel Costa Verde

This is a jungle resort in scenic Costa Rica which has been made so uniquely that it adds to the charming natural surroundings. Called the 727 Fuselage Home, the special suite at the hotel has been made using a Boeing 727 vintage 1965 airframe. Brilliantly colored, the insides have been done up equally excellently with amenities required for a luxurious stay. You won’t feel out of place as this is actually like any other hotel with the only catch being that it’s on an airplane. Would you like to board this plane for a stay?

  1. Faralda Crane Hotel

Needless to explain, this is a hotel that’s been made in an actual crane. Overlooking the Amsterdam skyline, this hotel offers everything from luxurious rooms and suites to even a club. Conceptualized by a Dutch woman with a quirky personality, the Faralda Crane Hotel has bagged plenty of awards for its uniqueness. But if you wish to stay here, you’ll need to check the availability of rooms much beforehand as the hotel is high in demand and it’s also open only for a few months in a year.

  1. Aurora Express

On a rail track in Alaska and overlooking the Fairbanks and Tanana Valley is this unique hotel that’s set inside a train. Expect bed and breakfast and all other things at the Aurora Express Hotel. The suites here have been designed in the Victorian Era styles and are sure to take you back in time. This is a great place to try out especially if you are obsessed with all things about the Victorian age. Experience what it feels like to live in an era your idols belonged to and gave so much to the world.

  1. Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht

South Korea’s Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht Hotel is a one-of-its-kind land-cruise resort that offers stunning views of the setting sun and an incredibly luxurious stay. Famous for its unique theme around the world, the resort is equipped with everything from a Karaoke lounge to more than 200 rooms. But the thing you will enjoy the most if you decide to give this one a try will be remarkable views of the surroundings. While the beauty of the setting sun cannot be praised enough, even the star-lit sky is most stunning to look at.

  1. Hotel 9 Hours

Kyoto is home to the unique 9 Hours Hotel which offers accommodation for – as the name suggests – 9 hours. The concept is based on the calculation that people need 1 hour to freshen up, 7 hours to sleep, wake up, and then another hour to probably take a shower before checking out. It was designed keeping in mind the comforts of frequent fliers who have to needlessly book hotel rooms for an entire day even when they only need to use it for a couple of hours’ rest. If you travel a lot and Kyoto happens to be on your travel path, maybe you could give Hotel 9 Hours a try.

  1. Free Spirit Spheres

The coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada is home to this unique hotel which has spherical rooms in the form of suspended orbs. The Free Spirit Spheres are not unlike adorable tree houses above ground. While they may seem like a thing for children to play in, you will be surprised at the posh interiors once you step inside. Neatly done up, the insides of the orbs resemble rooms of any luxurious hotel elsewhere. Book a room and stay here for a while to bring out that inner child in you.

  1. No Man’s Fort

A refurbished luxury hotel, the No Man’s Fort is one of unique concepts of England. A hotel based on one of the three Solent Forts, this is the biggest property of the three replete with a deck, a lighthouse suite, a pool and lots more. This one is especially suited for those who love the sea and all things related to it. Book rooms here and explore the history of the fort or just party hard under the magnificent night sky surrounded by stunning seascape.

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