7 Things Every Traveller Must Know Before Visiting India

India is a beautiful, colorful and inspiring place and Offering an incredible contrast of sights, sounds, and spicy food tastes. India has a rich history and famous for following its old tradition and culture. India is the world’s second largest populated area in the world and famous for its crowd, languages colorful dress, food and its culture. Many of foreigners think about India is hot and humid everywhere but in reality, there are many coldest places in India like Jammu and Kashmir. Here are some few tips when you are traveling beautiful cities.

You need a visa to enter the country

India is little bit sticker up with its visa requirement as compared to other south Asia countries. If you want to visit this country you need to apply for visa before 1 month. You can also apply for visa online to visit this website: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html. Please check the visa guidelines before applying.

Everything Cheap

India is the cheapest country in the world. You can get facilities of transport, hotels, food and shopping at cheap prices. You eat at a local restaurant then its cost around $2 with meal and drink.  If you are a budget traveler then you can get everything from the $15 daily budget. These prices are very cheaper as compared to another country in south Asia.

Easily available hostel facilities

You can get easily available hostel faculties in all cities across India. You can get a variety of decent hotels in cheapest prices in the city area. You can also visit check Indian backpacker and Zostel for hostel booking. These sites are providing hotel faculties in Kochi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Delhi and Goa. You can select the listing according to your budget and area.

Take a local Transport

Local buses go everywhere in the India. Local buses are the lifeline of India. Local buses provide you an amazing experience of fun and adventure. These buses provide you cheap journey from one city to another city in the India. The main disadvantage with the buses is its incredible crowd and constant beeping of horns. By the way, this is the best part of the experience.

Not the cleanest place

India has cleaned itself in the last few years but it’s not the cleanest place in the earth. The air pollution is very high in the main cities Delhi and Mumbai. Side Street is a smell of open urinal and regular trash collection in the city. You can see this everywhere in the city. Don’t purchase water from footpath shop, it’s harmful to you. Try to purchase it from reputed shop and carry some hand sanitizer around as well, just to be safe.


India is a different and a unique place in the world. The culture and tradition of India one of the most unique in the world and no doubt you can’t see this in another country. The culture of India is the main attraction for tourist.

Become an expert at bargaining

When you are going to the street market or shop, bargaining is a natural thing in India. Many travel experts said vendor gave you the highest price. You can share you bargaining according to product worth and don’t afraid to argue with vendor.

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