8 Ways to wear a winter scarf according to the Modern Fashion

There are different types of scarves are available on the online stores, vary with seasons, styles designs, and fabric etc., but there are also winter woolen scarves that are much bigger versions of the scarves, giving a feel like wearing a poncho. These scarves are very demanding and can be spotted a lot in times of cold, in fact they are the best accessories you can buy from scarf suppliers to look super modern in winter, but maybe you do not know how to use them and because of it, you prefer not to buy them. So give a fashionable look and get a very modern personality this season, here I am giving you 8 different and modern ways to wear your winter scarf. I hope, you are going to love it.

1. You can wear it around the neck as leave one side longer than the other, and screw the long side around your neck. Put the long side through the ring that forms in front of your neck. Or you can take it like a paliacate so that it is long in front.

2. Wear it as if it were a poncho and hold one side of the scarf over your shoulder. Super easy and super chic, right? Or simply pass it by your neck like a scarf and adjust with a belt to your body. As if it was the neck of a sweater.

3. If you prefer and it’s not so cold, you can wear your scarf as if it were a poncho around your shoulders, and fasten with a belt to prevent it from falling. Pair with long boots and you’ll be ready for going out in the winters.

4. You can also use it as a blanket and hold on the side of your shoulders. Wrap your shoulders in the winter scarf and hold the open ends of the scarf with a clip or a safety pin. It gives a very simple and casual look.

5. If you want a unique look, you can also wear it as a blanket, but make a front knot as if it were a cape. Personally, I love it.

6. Another way to wear it is by fastening with a poncho-shaped belt, and adding a fur stole in the neck to make it look much more modern.

7. You can also put it around your shoulders and wrap it to cover your body. Just dangle a winter scarf around your neck keeping both ends in the front. Take one end of the scarf and throw it towards the shoulder on the opposite side.

8. If you just want to use it as an accessory then simply fold it in half at the tips and carry it on your shoulders. It’s the simplest way you can wear the long woolen scarf to escape from this winter season.

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