Advantages of having a Mortgage Servicing Portal

A mortgage servicing portal can provide with an easily scalable and interactive platform that helps to engage borrowers more intensely. It offers customers a high quality interactive experience that would appeal to their senses much more strongly. The program can also be expanded to accommodate different other types of business operations as well. The mortgage servicing portal technology always maintains a perfectly consistent operating platform that can be used for handling day-to-day tasks associated with loan management; it also comes with a convenient, easy-to-use interface.

Apart from seamlessly enabling communication with the borrowers, a mortgage servicing portal can also help to maintain high levels of regulatory compliance. Better access and greater transparency along with enhanced mobile integration for the consumers have been the most essential differentiators of a mortgage servicing portal.

Basic features of a mortgage servicing portal system

Every mortgage servicing portal application renders certain useful features to mortgage firms that enable them to perform their functions in a better way. Here are some of the most basic features of a competent mortgage servicing portal system/Mortgage software solutions.

  • Integrated agent for virtual chat
  • Integrated solutions for content management
  • Web compatibility for diverse range of devices
  • SOA-based solution and OWASP-compliant secure portal
  • Customized dashboard along with interactive graphical reports
  • Various payment options as well as overall net promoter scores
  • Plugged-in features for advanced web analytics as well as big data
  • Plug-and-play enabled features with any type of backend CRM system
  • Real-time integration along with the leading industry standard applications (Servicing Director, MSP, etc)
  • Integrates lenders’ interactions, customer needs and various internal systems such as documentations, imaging, content management and other servicing solutions

Advantages of using a Mortgage Servicing Portal

Having a Mortgage Servicing Portal in place can help a company to reap a number of rich rewards. These include easing of workflows as well as better scaling of the business. For a more comprehensive look on the benefits of a mortgage servicing portal, check out the points below:

  • Better cash flow
  • Enhanced autonomy
  • Expansion of the consumer base
  • Better loan management and efficient loan administration
  • Reduction in load and call volume on customer service agents and IVR systems
  • Seamless communication with the borrowers and easy, hassle-free processing of the loans
  • Automated process for onboarding new servicing loans generated from the business partners
  • CSRs and borrowers can view the loan information simultaneously, thereby leading to greater trust and less number of customer issues

Benefits for all the borrowers:

  • Use any mobile device to carry out transactions from anywhere at any time
  • Easily accessible reports such as tax, e-statements and other correspondence
  • All time (24×7) access, self service as well as an informative and interactive experience
  • A one-stop platform that offers all kinds of information associated with financial assistance

Easy payment options such as one-time, partial, automatic recurring, additional principal as well as escrow via the phone or online

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