Are there still Oilfield Jobs Available in Texas?

For two long years, Texas’s oil and gas industry have faced economic recession and have led to the shedding of numerous employees. Since the mid-2014 Texas oils and gas industry has not appointed new personnel for jobs rather they have been shedding employees in a hard time. In mid-2014 over 100000 employees were fired due to scarcity projects. Not every job aspirant doubts the availability of jobs in oilfield of Texas.

Towards the end of 2016, around 3000 people were employed in the oilfields of Texas which can be understood as a sign of a and healthy recovery the oil gas industry of Texas. Texas is a home to numerous oil and gas companies which were facing a downfall during last few years but have made a comeback with more power. These companies are open to the job aspirants with ample of opportunities in different niches. Many national and international companies make business in Texas and so can you.

There are numerous oil companies working in Texas and some they are offering different jobs good salaries. Halliburton is a multinational company which is working over 50 countries, Halliburton has numerous job vacancies in their different offices. In total Halliburton have 130 positions to fill with new personnel. Halliburton provides good working conditions and a handsome amount of salary for each post. Kiewit is also one of the largest oil company in Texas and has been working for many decades. Kiewit has a total of 66 vacancies in different offices at different eligibility criteria. In different oil companies, 1000’s of oil gas jobs remain available.

The working conditions in the oilfields are not as pleasing as the air-conditioned cabins. The workers work in rough conditions without proper hygiene but the workers are paid the amount of salary covers the rough working conditions. Oil companies also offer different office jobs which need high eligibility. If you have a good degree and knowledge then you can even go for posts like a manager, project manager, business analyst, etc. Working conditions for the administrative employees comparatively better than the field workers. After the economic recession, over hundred oil companies have opened their gates the job aspirants, from truck driver to business analyst every post needs an eligible employee to hold it. The posts which where lying empty over two years now need new employees filled with talent and determination. Rush Enterprises, Concho, Denbury, Noble Energy, Camerion, Internet and many more companies like these are now inviting employees handsome salary and working environment. The sudden rise in the recruitment needs of the oil companies of Texas has been registered after the end of 2016 which leads us to the fact that Texas oilfields still have jobs available for people interested and determined.

From skilled to unskilled, everyone has a chance to get a job in the recovering market of oilfields in Texas. The salaries range from $1000 to $10000 per month according to the job. If you have been waiting for your dream job in oilfield of Texas then 1000’s of oil & gas jobs remain available.

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