Bend the Trend

“I’ve been shopping all my life, and I still have nothing to wear”- Every woman ever!!

Fashion and women are two identical words where you talk about one and other hops in uninvited. Fashion and trend keep changing. While few want to create the trend, few likes to follow the trend and a few others remain comfortable with no change. This article is all about the fashion trends that are soaring at present and few tips on how you could alter it to match your comfort.

Watch The Watch:

Wrist Watches are one common thing preferred by all age groups. Wrist Watches have become a style statement more than a necessity. Online Wrist Watches stores and galleries are filled with gazillion varieties that can woo the onlookers in no times.  This is the first idea that flashes in anybody’s mind when looking for gifts. Liking a watch hugely depends on the taste and expectation of a buyer. There are a few trends that changed the game recently. Women these days prefer watches with big dials that makes the entire look bolder and stated. Rose gold has gathered a lot of attraction when specified by colour. Wrist Watches with floral, coloured and unique dials also have created a niche for themselves. A lot of them like to keep it classy yet straightforward while a few others love going overboard with the design and colours. Famous designer brands never fail to introduce ravishing designs depending on the trend.

Accessorize Those Tresses:

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit!!” – Michael Kors.

Hair accessories are the thing at present. All women embrace accessories that make hair look stylish yet effortlessly chic. Bandanas with cool prints and funky colours add a lot of life to your hair and life as such. It keeps hair off your face and looks undeniably stylish. A sport that during a visit to the beach and enjoy without having to fumble with your hair. Hairpins with pearls and glitters make it a great way to dress your hair up for an event. Flexi clips are the newest way to have your hair all tied up in a ponytail. They come in so many varieties for different occasions. Classic leather with the wood combo for a casual day out and ravishing rose gold flex for a wedding keeps your hair game on point.

Sweater Trend:

With a significant part of the globe getting all ready to welcome the colder months, sweaters enjoy enormous attention on shopping sites and Pinterest. A simple chunkily knitted sweater or a classic turtle necked sweater will always be loved but having a few fashionable ones for those special evenings wouldn’t hurt. “Sweater cuff” has been the latest flick with just a flash of bright colour to amplify the effect. This season has seen a lot of new variants that are raising the bar for the sweater trend. Pleated sleeves, embellished elbows, rolled up collars; ruffled sleeves are few among them.

Embrace The Brows:

Brows are the very prominent feature of anybody’s face. Brow shapes have seen a lot of trend variation in the past. Highly arched and thin eyebrows were a thing of the past. Fuller brows with natural shape are trending off late. A lot of new products targeted at brow enhancement are flooding the market. A few of them are eyebrow tint, eyebrow trimmers, waxes, pencils, brow mascara etc. Another trend that is geared towards reaching those envious fuller brows is Microblading AKA brow tattoo. These are the special treatment that requires a medical practitioner to perform it on you. A particular device is used to fill hair-like strokes in one’s brows. This is immensely popular in Western countries and has some light falling on it in Asian countries like Korea and India. It is expensive, slightly painful yet a very successful procedure that helps you cut down a lot of time while getting ready.

Fashion Vs Comfort:

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren

  • Comfort is the key. Experimenting is essential but not at the cost of your convenience.
  • Don’t fret to mend the fashion game. Doing what keeps you confident and comfortable is pivotal.
  • Know what you spend at. Look for available and economic styles.
  • Check online deals before you invest in something.
  • Nobody knows better than you while choosing stuff for yourself. Trying to copy your favourite stars is doable but with a personal touch.
  • Analyze your body shape. Check for a star that has a similar structure and follows her to ensure you rock your fashion games.
  • While in a hurry, wear what works the best for you. Trying a new hairstyle or new eye shadow look may end up on a disastrous note.
  • Plan and ease last-minute tension.

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