Best Gifts to Give Your Brother

After everything you and your brother have been through together — backyard antics, family vacations, and late-night hangs — you want to find the perfect gift that sums up how you really feel about him: You’re thankful to have him by your side, but still find it slightly annoying when he drags on about how he’s mom and dad’s favourite kid (ah, the joy of siblings). No matter if you’re shopping for your big or little brother, consider one of these unique gifts for brothers to remind him just how much you love him (just in case you don’t say it enough). Consider a personalized gift if your brother hit a big milestone this year (a new job, perhaps?), a funny gift if he has a killer sense of humour, or lean into the unknown (a kombucha starter kit, for example) if he’s the guy who has everything. Just in case you and your siblings are teaming up for a joint gift this year, we’ve included a few more expensive (well, splurge-worthy) gifts that he’ll love.

Even though you’re likely giving him this gift as a hint that he needs to take care of his bedside clutter, he’ll feel appreciated once he sees that it’s engraved with his name or initials. According to him, grilling season never ends. To ensure that he doesn’t catch a chill grilling outside in the dead of winter, gift him this 12″ grill-turned-panini press, which is big enough to cook four servings at once. 

Keep his beer cool — like him! — with this set of two in-bottle chillers. Remind him to keep them in the freezer between uses to ensure that they’re nice and cool the next time he cracks open a fresh brewski. If your brother believes that comfort is king, then these Minnetonka slippers are a must-buy. The rubber sole is thick enough to give his feet the support they need, while the faux-shearling lining keeps ’em warm. 

Your family’s honorary bartender deserves the best after all the cocktails he’s shaken and stirred. Dress up his bar cart with this custom glassware set, which comes with a whiskey decanter and two glasses. Pair it with a bottle of whiskey for good measure. Spruce up his man cave by framing these four prints of the scanned renderings of Star Wars X-Wing, Snow speeder, TIE Fighter, and AT-AT Walker. 

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