Best Paid Apps for Android

Paying for anything on Android is something that we don’t like doing. Is this not then like the IOS app store that makes you pay for most of the apps? There are a few apps that are suited for your phone, and paying for them will make it worthwhile. Some apps just make your phone the mean machine its supposed to be, so to bring out that superpower in your phone all you have to do is dig into your pocket and shell out a few bucks for the apps.

If you want your phone to have the most customizable interface, wherein you control everything, from they way it looks to the way the apps function, Aptoide is the app worth paying for. Its small size and highly customizable environment let you bring out your personality into the phone. With gesture controls and customization that will tickle your inner creative mind, this is one app to pay for! Once you have downloaded all the apps and songs on your phone, you need someone to manage it all for you. This is when the Solid Explorer Pro comes in. Providing you the desktop level of file management; it is an app that supports multiple platforms with ease of use.

Now onto entertainment parts of your phone, if you love to listen to Podcasts and are looking for the best app in the market, Pocket Casts is the way to go. Simple design and easy navigation through the app is a delight to have on your phone. Your entertainment will come to a halt without a Weather App to support your phone. Weather Timeline is a precision tool that will bring out such a beautiful interface that everything that Google PlayStore had to offer will wane in its presence. Want a good-looking weather app…Weather Timeline is the way to go.

The chatter on Twitter doesn’t ever cease, however, the best looking and working app in the Twitter world is Fenix. With good customization, right now it’s the best twitter app to have on your smartphone. Running all these apps just takes up a lot of your battery. Battery Widget Reborn will map out for you how the battery is being utilized and how best to conserve battery on your phone.

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Wallpaper changing apps make up a big part of your phone, whatever you may say; the phone has to look good. Okay, so Evolve has evolved into the market to bring you the best wallpapers with the least amount of fuss. It teams up with a lot of other apps to give you the best-looking ones. After the looks, it’s the music that defines your phone. Get the Shuttle+ app and get rocking.

Do you like to write on your phone? Or editing text is something that you do on a regular basis?? iA writer is the solution to all your problems. One of the most successful writing apps on the IOS platform, the Android version comes with all the bells and whistles to keep it crisp and sharp.

And lastly, do you get confused as to what notification is blinking on your phone?? Light Flow is the end of all your woes. This allows you to assign a specific light color for a specific app so that you can get to notifications with ease.

That’s the list of the best-paid apps on the Android interface right now and among them, Aptoide Apk is best. So get them on your phones and enjoy a seamless Android experience. Keep is sharp and simple as always.

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