How to Book Tatkal Ticket in 2020

On this page, you will find information about how to book tatkal tickets in 2020 easily. Rules and processes for Tatkal Booking are explained in detail.

Vacations lose their meaning when not traveled somewhere and wasted it sitting at home. How about visiting an exotic location for the upcoming holidays? Of course, choose your favored place obviously that will permit your budget. What if you get late for booking tickets? Will the traveling plan not be executed then? Will you have to sit at home and be bored throughout the vacation? Well, there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of. Jokes apart, even if you are late for booking, do not worry because Tatkal bookings are there to fulfill your dreams for a wonderful trip.

At times any of your distant relatives may fall sick, and there’s an emergency to visit him or her. For this, Tatkal is the best option you can avail of. Before getting to know how to book a tatkal ticket, let’s know about some of its rules.

Rules For Tatkal Reservation

For booking tickets in tatkal, certain terms and conditions need to be followed. Here is a briefing of the basic rules:

  1. In consideration of Tatkal ticket charges, there is a 10% rate of the basic charge for second class passengers and 30% of rate for the rest of the classes grouped into minimum and maximum levels.
  2. There are no concession based payments done. The above chart is followed under all circumstances.
  3. Tickets shall only be offered on the delivery of the following documents: –
  • Voter Identity Card certified by the Election Commission of India
  • Authentic Passport
  • PAN Card delivered by Income Tax Department
  • Driving License issued by RTO
  • Photo Identity Card with the imprinted serial number as per Central or State Government
  • Student Identity Card stamped by a recognized school or institution
  • Nationalised Bank Passport with your photograph attached to it.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Photo Identity Cards issued by Public sectors aided by the State or Central Government, District Administrator, Municipal bodies and Penchant Administration.
  1. Tatkal Bookings are available at 10 am for AC Classes and from 11 am onwards for non-AC classes just before the day your ticket needs to be booked.
  2. No duplicates tickets will be acceptable if not you lose your ticket, or there arises any unavoidable circumstances.
  3. Only a maximum of four passengers altogether is allowed to book on tatkal.
  4. With the cancellation of the booking, your money will not be returned. In short, it is non-refundable.

Process To Book Tatkal Ticket Online

  • Log in to the Indian railway services website, that is,, before the prescribed time of the delivery of tickets.
  • Fill up the requirements as asked like name, age, food preference, etc.
  • Next, be careful enough to choose the right berth.
  • Next crucial step is the proper fill-up the CAPTCHA as given. Pay proper attention to it.
  • Finally, complete your booking with the different payment methods which you feel is comfortable for you.

Now that you have learned how to book a tatkal ticket in 2020, do not miss the chance to load your rucksack, set up your favored destination, convince your family inmates, book tickets in tatkal, and travel to far off places. Do not waste time idly at home. Instead, touch high mountains, splash the sea waves, go for adventures in the dense jungles, or simply enjoy in a resort with your family.

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