You can ditch your DSLR camera for Galaxy S9

Good news for the camera lovers, Samsung to launch the Galaxy S9 next year with the best possible camera specifications that can make you ditch your DSLR camera.


Galaxy S8 on paper has the same camera as the Galaxy S7. Sensor resolution for both is 12 megapixel, autofocus Dual Pixel, the fastest AF system, both record video 4K format. Changes are in the anterior chamber, in the Galaxy S8, the resolution is 8 megapixels while 5 megapixels in the Galaxy S7. Camera applications on these smartphones are also the same. It’s a simple program, which has to mean only the most important settings. Finger gesture to the left opens the filters; the right gives access to various photographing modes. In Professional Mode, you can select the resolution and maintain the DNG file in addition to the usual JPG. Galaxy S9 leaving behind its predecessors will make the customers attract to itself. Galaxy S9 is coming out next year with the highest resolution camera between Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The stunning camera with the 16MP+16MP primary Dual-lens camera with the 8MP front camera for taking Ultra High Definition pictures with a smooth click and 30new 3D frames are increasing the excitement of the customers very soon.

Image quality

Galaxy S8 and S8+ have same specs but same specifications do not guarantee the same level of shooting. This is not surprising since each has different smartphone settings. The difference in quality, in this case, is in the favor of the Galaxy S8. The device is better at issuing more detailed pictures. Both chambers of photos go with excessive harshness, but it does not prevent a high level of detail. Also of note is the color. On Galaxy S8 they became more realistic. In Galaxy S9, according to an industry insider, the picture quality is very much impressive offering a detailed view, amazing colour sharpness, and attractive effects. S9 image quality is best whether the snap is taken during the daylight or in the dark.

The front camera image quality of S8 has been improved, increased level of detail. No blurrier photos, but instead go out the sharp and nice picture. At this viewing angle became less than Galaxy S7 chamber. At last year smartphone images seemed too broad, Galaxy S8 produces a more flexible image, can be removed as a group of people and one itself, the improved composition and saved context. As the new Samsung phones always perform better than its predecessors, we can surely say, the successor Galaxy S9 will rock.

Video quality

Both smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ support 4K video recording formats, the difference is barely noticeable. Video of the new smartphone S8, a little livelier in terms of color, there are no more differences. Although both the cellphones have performed very well, Galaxy S9 will be undoubtedly outstanding if we talk about its video quality. S9 support 4K resolution with a higher level optimal stabilization. The colour and 3D effects in videography are very interesting and attracting.

The wallpaper smartphones very fast focus, which is very important for video. Galaxy S8 is able to gradually change the exposure; it is another advantage of the new smartphone. Galaxy S9 will follow the same trend, such that it will provide the user the best videography experience.

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