What Can a Servcorp Virtual Office Do for Your Business?

We tend to think of businesses as having a clear start, middle, and end. In reality, of course, things are rarely this simple. It can take years to launch a new company. It’s not always clear whether it has the potential for growth. Often, start-up ventures fail unexpectedly. It’s a risky affair becoming a business owner, but the rewards can be enormous.

One of the reasons why new companies struggle, particularly during the first few years, is the assumption that success has a formula. Every journey is different, so what works for your biggest rival won’t necessarily work for you. It’s important not to rush ahead too quickly or expand too fast, particularly as virtual offices are the perfect stepping stone.

Visit www.servcorp.com.ph/en/virtual-offices/ to find out just some of the reasons why virtual offices are great for start-up ventures and smaller businesses in the Philippines.

Access to World Class Tech

 You may not be renting a full-time office space, but virtual facilities do offer access to world-class software. There is a selection of tools and resources available, but the primary focus at Servcorp is communication. This vendor is a leading provider of remote programs and technology.

Tenants are very much encouraged to make their own choices and continue using preferred software if desired. However, there’s plenty of advice to be had from onsite staff. They can make recommendations and help you access training if there’s a program or software solution you’d like to master.

Non-Stop Connectivity

 One benefit that tends to get overlooked is the implication for international companies. The best virtual vendors – especially the ones in central Manila – don’t really close for the day. Many providers operate phone services 24/7 so that calls for tenants are never missed.

Plus, as you’re not running a physical office, it’s much easier to structure your own hours. The onsite receptionists at Servcorp are trained to follow orders. It’s up to you how they answer your company call line and whether any calls get forwarded to a personal device.

Stable and Professional

 The most immediate and practical advantage of a virtual workspace is the fact your brand gets attached to a grounded address. It’s perfectly possible to run a company from a home base, but some investors and suppliers will only work with formal setups.

It’s a legitimate move to continue operating from home (or another location) and give out the facility address as your own. That way, influential affiliates will just assume it’s your primary location. The staff at the facility won’t say any different unless you ask them to.

Opportunities for the Future

 It’s worth mentioning the value of flexibility, particularly when it comes to contract lengths and terms of use. Far from being a sacrifice, going virtual is a way to retain your independence. There is no obligation to sign a long-term contract and no penalties for early termination.

The reality is you can up or downsize whenever it suits. This is very different to long hold leasing which usually demands a commitment of between three and five years. Just think about how much money (and stress) you’ll save knowing there’s an easy way out.

Finding a Great Virtual Office in Southeast Asia

 The good news is you won’t struggle to find a high-quality virtual provider. There are some world class vendors operating in Southeast Asia, with Servcorp leading the pack. This part of the globe is rapidly becoming a hub for flexible business models and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Servcorp caters for companies of all shapes and sizes. Going virtual doesn’t have to be the focus of all your goals either. Many tenants use the service as a kind of stepping stone on the way to an inaugural office space or the launch of a new branch.

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