How can a young company grow a good reputation?

As a starter company or a small company out in its early days, you will want to ensure that your public perception is the best it can be. It can take years for larger companies to establish a good, solid reputation, but for younger companies, it is tricky to know how to get the word out that you are reliable, caring, honest or that you are a good company to work for.

Essentially, everything you do and each decision you make in the early days of starting out is important. You need to make sure that you make good decisions early on, as poorer decisions (such as choosing a cheaper supplier which doesn’t quite deliver what you want but does save you a lot of money) can have a knock-on effect early on. Think about how you want to come across, what is your niche? How do you stand out? Why do you care more than other companies? By figuring this out early on, you can be sure to capitalize on it through all the business decisions you make.

Another thing you might want to consider is giving back in the early days. Supporting a local charity or even a community project can not only make you look good and is something you can blog about on your website, but it also gets your name out there and acts as a unique kind of advertising. Make sure to match the charity to your work ethic or brand – for instance, Fruitful Office, an office fruit basket delivery company, talk on their website about how they are committed to planting 1 tree in Malawi for every fruit basket that their clients consume. This can tell their prospective customers a lot about them – that they care about the environment, that they care about the third world, and that by investing your money in them, you can help those causes, too.

Another thing you might consider is how you treat your staff. Even if you only have one member of staff, it is important to show you value them, care for them and wish to invest in them. Try and set up employee training, so that your staff can feel valued. By promoting individual career progression, you can reap the benefits. says that competition for talent is growing. Offering an employee development program as part of your business perks and benefits is a good way to attract candidates to your business rather than your competitors. Not only this, but training and development programs can make a company more flexible in the wider market. When your staff are well trained, they are able to respond to changes in the market, which ensures company success in the long term. Your staff will thank you for their personal investment and are likely to tell their friends and families how well you treat them. This is good for your overall reputation now and in the future.

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