Still you have doubts about the differences of the three large companies or media players “cloud”? We had them until we saw this table, you can see below. If you do not know why there is so much fuss because Apple joins the cloud, this table will help solve all your doubts.

As you can see, Apple is the only company that offers iTunes, downloading each song in your iTunes automatically (including songs not purchased on iTunes, at a cost of $ 25). The other two services offer this service music can “eat” your butt data in less than a jiffy or be a nuisance if your Internet connection is spotty.

ICloud, of course, is the only service that besides offering music, also offers cloud storage for documents, music, photos, calendar, e-mails and contacts, which means it is one of its best plus points. iCloud account also working as an iPhone security, Once we have restored the iPhone you have to unlock icloud activation lock to use your phone. While Google Docs, Picasa and Gmail have also been storing your data on a cloud for some time, Apple throws flowers saying the cloud is a user-friendly place.

Unlike iCloud syncing music services Amazon and Google are suitable for any device, not just for iPhone. In addition, the songs remain in the cloud and not have to download many gigabytes nowhere near your device.

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