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How do all the internet millionaires do it? We see them sipping their pina colada and no matter what we do it is never enough to replicate this lifestyle.

What are we doing wrong?

What you need to remember is that you are seeing the finished article. Yeh, they might be new on the scene but most have been on that very same struggle you are facing. They are now starting to get that exposure and you are seeing the polished version of them.

For most people, they know what they need to do but it feels like there is a gate that they have to lift to achieve their goal. This gate is like climbing a 10-foot wall.

What do you do?

Climb or run? Well for most they will run in the opposite direction and slate the method as crap, a scam, and their final decision is that it is BS. What would happen though if they fought a bit longer?

The majority tend to jump ship right before the turning point and this is why a coaching program can be great. Your teacher can hold your motivation and stop you running.

You don’t need to be a guru, though!

Start simple and nail the basics, when you meet a goal add something new. You don’t need to have everything all set up at once and this, in fact, can be rather counter-productive.

Affiliate marketing really is for dummies and if you have patience you are one step closer to those internet riches. Get the idea of overnight millionaire out your head and you will succeed. I would suggest you focus on one thing for a minimum of 6 months.

If you can’t get it breaking even by then you are missing something.

Get a domain name and web hosting which can be really affordable nowadays. If you want a little boost buy an expired domain with good metrics. This will be more expensive but it will give you a headstart.

Install a decent theme! You need to get the idea of FREE out of your head. To make money you have to spend money.

Once your site is looking snazzy it’s time to focus on content and for your first five articles you want to ensure that they are your best work. This is your first impression to the world!

What is your audiences 5 biggest pain points, do not think about money making posts yet, just pure value. Go over and above what your competitors are doing become the go-to guy or girl. You can do this easily…

–    Write longer posts

–    Add a video

–    Add more images or improve images

See it isn’t hard.

Another thing to do is to link out to external posts from authorities in your niche. This not only gets you on their radar but it also shows Google that you are a vital source, a hub of information. Better rankings for you.

When you have 5 posts it is time to write 3-5 money posts that have a goal of promoting a product or service. You could have a top 10 list with mini-reviews of your favorite products. Be creative and never settle for second best.

By now you have a solid website set up, you need to get out there and tell the world. Google will start to take notice but focus on getting leads from the world (social media) first!

Tell all your friends and ask if they will share your articles on Facebook, Twitter or whatever they use.

This plan is fool proof if you focus and if you are patient.

Good Luck!

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