How to Create Low Cost Social Media Strategy

Based on our experience working with dozens of companies and businesses of all kinds in more than nine countries around the world, we have seen the need for companies today to position themselves in social networks to grow their business, their brand and Of course make your sales grow.

The fundamental reasons are that: you can reach your potential customer at a lower cost and more accurately than traditional marketing.

But usually, they stop at the time of hiring a professional or agency or prefer to save money and make their own plan (craso error) and its management … And the results are very poor and leading them to frustration and disappointment.

In general, there are three important obstacles that companies face regarding the presence of their brand in social networks:

  • Lack of knowledge about marketing management in social networks
  • The time needed for its management and monitoring.
  • Investment to create a strategy, in marketing and promotion actions.

So, if you own a small business or a local business we share some steps to create your own marketing strategy step by step and you can manage it, especially if you do not have a big budget.


Step 1. Getting Started

Ome your time to analyze your market, your competition, your own business. Then set goals and goals.

  • Search Google for how your market trend goes: Google Trends
  • Analyze your competition: search on Google using your business name, your type of service or product and look at how others do on social networks.
  • Think and reflect on the quality of your product or service (social networks do not improve quality), how is your customer service? Ask your customers and the general public (do surveys).
  • Describe the goals and objectives, for example: make my business more visible, have more sales, more customers, etc. Sets metrics to compare month by month.


Step 2. Who is my client?

Define your ideal audience, identify who you are, where you are, what your preferences are, and what social networks they participate in.

  • Describe your ideal client and look for all the details of this person to know him to the maximum.
  • Find out what needs you have and what you want to solve or achieve through your business or best of your products or service.
  • Locate them geographically and segménos them.
  • Tools: empathy map


Step 3. In what social network?

Select one or two social networks to work your plan, depending on your goals:

  • Select social network based on the profile of the client you are looking for.
  • Find out what each social network serves based on our goals.
  • Focus on working one network at first then think about growing in others.


Step 4. The content plan

Creating your own content plan is the key to success in social networking. Select quantity and quality of content to share. The content of company and its industry (photos, texts, and videos). Create an optimal calendar or publication schedule for your publications (days and now of publication).

  • A content plan is, to think the contents that you are going to share to reach your potential customers and to achieve objectives with your business. Do not share your products or your offer only. It shows the problems that your company and your services solve.
  • A publication calendar is a schedule or schedule that orders and schedules in time what is going to be published to streamline the management. Try to schedule it 30 days in advance.


Step 5. The Tools

Using tools allows you to streamline the process of creating publication and content control, you will save time and money.

  • Creation and editing tools: Canva; Animoto; Pagemodo.
  • Tools for programming and publishing content: Hootsuite, Buffer; Onlywire; Pagemodo, Now press,
  • Monitoring tools: Social mention, Buzzmonitor, Zoho Social, Hootsuite.


Step 6. Advertising and Promotion

You can not think of reaching your target audience with your message, so they know you or find out about your product if you do not do a minimum of advertising and promotion of your business. As in the traditional Marketing where they are still used graphic media, radio, and television. You must have to advertise online and save up to 30%, and you will be more effective than traditional advertising.

  • Sign up for an ad account on Facebook ads or Google Adwords
  • Think about promoting your business with online advertising on a monthly basis.
  • Create competitions or promotions for special or important dates for your business.


Step 7. Measure Do you know what is happening?

Measure the executed actions. Collect the statistics, to compare with the metrics selected month to month, to know if we advance.

  • Conduct weekly, monthly, half-yearly and annual results monitoring.
  • Use an Excel spreadsheet (control panel) to accumulate data.
  • Remember what could not be measured could not be controlled.


Step 8. Maintenance Plan

Having a maintenance plan for your strategy that can be reviewed and changed every three months is vital. In the previous step we analyzed the daily actions and this we reviewed the quarterly data to know if to change the direction is necessary

  • Based on the statistics, check the results and compare them with the goals and metrics.
  • Correct actions to change results.
  • Analyze makes decisions and starts the cycle again by reviewing each step.


Well friends, business owners and companies, these are the minimum steps and in general so that you can manage the presence of your brand yourself in social networks. It is likely that many terms are now unknown to you and you do not know how to implement them. Thank you very much and thanks for reading.

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