Five Simple Ways to make India Better

Every time we think about making our country a better place to live, we fail to think vividly. We do not take it as one of our responsibilities to look forward to in life. These days, people are busy with their jobs, family, business and more importantly themselves, that they completely forget about what is around them. We fail to understand how important it is to take care of our society, state and more essentially this country. Although, many times we look around and we find so many problems with other people, authority or government but we hardly accept that fact that we need to do something about it and just move on complaining forever about it. Let see how we can make India better from today –

1. Sponsor a Child

We can dream of a better India when we take an initiative to sponsor the education and health less fortunate children of the society. By doing this, we can crop out the problem of illiteracy rate in the country. They can become equally qualified and rise their dignity in the society just like the others. We each family in the country take a charge to sponsor at least one child then we can completely change the fate of this country. You can sponsor a child right here.

2. Women Safety

Another reason why the topic of making our country a better place to live is still groped around the question of women safety. Even After 70 years of independence, we still cannot find a way to end this problem and make India a better place to live for women. Today, we need GPS trackers for women safety, so that they will save and secure everywhere they go even at nights. Here’s how you can ensure women safety by gifting them iSecuro GPS Tracking Device.

3. Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan

Yes, we do need to discuss this rather than making silly jokes about it all the time. Cleanliness and sanitation is required to be taken seriously, not only by the government but also by the citizens. You cannot simply ignore litter around you, move on and later grumbling about it to other people.

4. Environment Control

This does not only mean cleanliness but also support the concern of pollution, such as air pollution by large industries, water pollution around small cities, noise pollution in the city as well. We have to take care of everything around us and try to not pollute or crumble what we are lucky to have with us.

5. Support Farmers

One of the most unfortunate things that we need to change and take care of is the condition of farmers in India. They are not given basic rights and facilities that they need to survive and support their families. We need to reach them out and serve them with the basic necessity that the farmers need like food, water, sanitation etc. Most importantly these farmers need financial support from banks, with fewer interest rates, which they are not getting. Find a non-profit organization or an organization which supports these farmers in India.

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