How to Format Laptop and Install Windows

Formatting a laptop comes with many challenges. Especially if you are a newbie, you face a lot of cringe-worthy situations while trying to format a laptop. Let’s see how to avoid these situations and format a laptop in the easiest way possible.

But before we jump into the laptop formatting steps, let’s quickly get to know some important points to remember before formatting.

Points to Remember Before Formatting a Laptop

  1. There are many reasons to format a laptop. If you need to reinstall the Windows operating system or if you are planning to upgrade a new operating system. Or your system is caught by a deadly virus that even the antivirus fails to remove.
  2. Once you complete formatting all the data, your drive will be clean. Formatting will affect if a virus infects your system.
  3. If your notebook is affected by the virus and you feel to get rid of it, you need to reformat it.
  4. Formatting involves erasing the hard drive data, and it is the most efficient way to clean to your notebook.
  5. Reformatting a laptop is the simplest way to format a laptop nowadays. Sometimes manufacturer provides a copy of operating system to the owner to reformat it.
  6. It is important to take the backup on an external storage drive to prevent the loss of data.

Formatting your Laptop with Windows Installation Disk

Back up your hard drive:

If you are going to format your laptop, then it might happen to lose all the data or information. So it will be good for you if you take the backup of your hard drive to an external hard drive, CD, DVD or any other storage device.

Make sure the manufacturer provides which method of restore:

If you get a set of installation CD with the laptop, then you may use it for the formatting, and even if you do not have the installation disk, your laptop may have the restore partition set.

But for that, you need to implement a different method for formatting.

Insert the operating system disk into CD/DVD drive:

As soon as you enter the Windows installation disk, It will run automatically, and the setup menu will open.

If the autorun fails, Go to “My Computer,” Right click on the CD/DVD Drive, and Click “Autorun.”

Alternatively, you can right click on the CD/DVD Drive, Click “Open,” and then double-click on the Windows Setup File to open the installation menu.

Complete the Installation Steps:

Following the “Autorun” after you insert the Installation Disk in the CD/DVD drive, the Windows installation menu will appear.

From the menu, select the option to install a fresh copy of the operating system. If you wish to re-install your windows, you will notice that option as well.

Select the partition drive to install windows: Must be a primary drive where all the necessary files are copied.

In the next step of windows installation, you have to fill some Information like Keyboard Input Language, TimeZone, Windows Installation Key, etc.

After you finish selecting the required information, the Operating System installation will start. This process might take a few minutes (depending on the size of the OS).

Wait for installation completion:

When the installation process of the operating system is complete, then a new desktop will appear, asking to fill some additional information.

Your system may require rebooting multiple times during the installation process.

Note: If you selected to install a fresh copy of Windows, you can see a “Windows.old” folder in your Primary Installation Drive. This folder contains all the data of your previously installed OS, which you can also permanently delete, manually.

Install the Necessary Drivers:

Once the installation process completes, you will see a fresh version of Windows on your system.

But to use your laptop without any problems or lags, install the necessary drivers from the disk provided by your laptop manufacturer. Alternatively, you can download it from their official support websites.

Now your laptop formatting is successful and it is ready to use.

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