GoDaddy Hosting Coupons: Saving onGoDaddy’s Linux and Windows Shared Hosting Plans

This article is a brief review of GoDaddy Linux and Windows plans and an introduction to GoDaddy Hosting discount codes and deals.

If you’ve been looking into shared hosting packages, you’ll know that most hosting companies only provide Linux-based plans. Thankfully, GoDaddy understands that many customers would rather have the option of choosing between Linux- and Windows-operated servers.

Which plan should you choose? Well, let’s start by comparing their features and prices.

GoDaddy’s Linux Shared Hosting Plans
GoDaddy’s offers 4 shared Linux plans: Starter, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. The former two packages allow you to host a single website, which makes them a good choice for webmasters who’re not expecting much traffic. They both come with unmetered bandwidth, but the Economy package gives you 100 GB of storage compared to the 30 GB you get with the Starter plan.

The Deluxe and Ultimate packages are aimed towards the more demanding customers, as evidenced by the fact that you can host unlimited websites, storage and bandwidth. The Ultimate plan also comes with a 1-year SSL certificate, premium DNS and more processing power and memory.

Technical Specifications
As for the technical specifications of these Linux packages, the first thing you should know is that they all come with easy 1-click installs of over 125 free applications in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Purchasing additional resources and setting up a GoDaddy registered domain are also done with a single click. Each package also contains an intuitive control panel and a 1GB MySQL Linux database. As far as security goes, you’re guaranteed 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.

Unsurprisingly, all Linux-based hosting plans have cPanel as their control panel of choice. cPanel has been the industry standard for a while now, and it provides all the hosting features and settings you might need.

CloudLinux is another important feature included in every hosting plan; in combination with cPanel, CloudLinux balances your RAM, CPU and Disk IO limits and helps keep your site online at all times. If you need more CPU, RAM and IO resources, GoDaddy’s automated system allows you to activate them with a single click. Finally, CageFS will help keep hackers and other unwanted visitors at bay at all times.

GoDaddy’s Windows Shared Hosting Plans
If you’re not a fan of Linux servers, GoDaddy’s also has 4 Windows-based plans. The names and prices might seem familiar: Starter, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. Both the Starter and Economy packages allow you to host just a single website. However, they offer unmetered bandwidth. The latter has the edge in the amount of storage (100 GB to 30 GB).

Once again, the Deluxe and Ultimate plans come with an array of features that make them ideal for agencies or web developers. They both allow hosting of unlimited websites which makes them a good choice if you have many sites to host. They also give you unlimited bandwidth and storage. The Ultimate package also contains unlimited MySQL databases, MSSQL databases and FTP users.

Technical Specifications
The main feature of all the Windows hosting plans is undoubtedly the powerful Windows Server 2012 R, which allows you to take control of your hosting account in the most efficient way possible. You also gain access to 1-click setups of GoDaddy registered domains and more than 50 applications in Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Additional features include 24/7 DDoS protection and security monitoring, as well as a 200 MB MSSQL database.

Linux vs. Windows Shared Hosting Plans
As for whether you should choose a Linux or a Windows hosting plan, it mostly depends on what programing code and content management system (CMS) you will use in your site. For instance, if you intend to use WordPress (or other popular Web apps), Dreamweaver (or other WYSIWYG apps), PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI or Python, go with a Linux hosting package.

If your framework is on MSSQL, ASP, ASP.NET or if you intend to use them along with PHP and MySQL, Windows hosting plans are your best bet.

If you’re not sure what any of this means, take the easy way out and get a Linux plan.

My review of cost and prices
I personally decided to purchase GoDaddy’s Linux Ultimate plan, as I think it provides enough additional benefits for the cost. I went with a 36-month billing cycle, since it generated the most savings in the long run.

Additionally, I think it’s a good idea to plump for the optional Site Backup & Restore feature at an additional $1.99/month. In situations where your entire site can go down due to a single corrupt file, it’s a good idea to have some sort of a safety net. Site Backup & Restore backs up your data every day and allows you to restore any missing or corrupt files with a single click.

So, that came down to one Ultimate Linux hosting plan with a cPanel package and a Site Backup & Restore feature. Additional free features include a standard SSL certificate, MS Office 365 starter email and a registered domain of my choice. The final price amounted to $179.94, with estimated taxes and fees included. Not a bad deal for a 3-year subscription!

GoDaddy coupon codes
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