Growth Hacking Strategies for Local Businesses

For small and local businesses, growing the company is the topmost priority. And, if you are still trying to find your way as a startup business into the market, you must be baffled on how to achieve a rapid growth rate and increase your customer base inexpensively yet innovatively. Simply put, growth hacking is a term that defines marketing with a single objective – to grow your local business.

Factually, as a startup venture, the budget for extensive marketing campaigns and time to focus on growth may be a challenge. However, following certain growth hacks can be the answer to your tribulations. That said, consider the following simple growth hacks that have been proven to work for local businesses.

1.    Work on content marketing

Though seemingly little, content marketing costs 62% less but generates three times more leads than traditional marketing strategies (   This not only makes it a valuable strategy for local businesses but also a vital growth hack strategy. Content marketing entails having a blog that offers engaging and useful content about your business. This helps in building and fosters a trustworthy relationship with your audience and potential clients.

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Updating regular blog posts improves your website’s SEO, brings more traffic to your site and converts potential visitors into customers. Using high volume but low competition keywords within your blog posts attract more audience and grow your customer base. There are many free tools for SEO that can help you achieve that as well. Infographics content seems to attract more than text-based content. Focus on feeding infographic content more in your blogs and social media pages. Infographic Maker from PhotoADKing makes your work easy in designing one, also it offers various readymade templates to customize.

2.    Mobile Optimization

Currently, with the advancing mobile technology, most customers prefer using their mobile devices for everything, online purchases being among them. That is to say, up to 80% of avid internet users use mobile phones as 42% use mobile search engines (  Be sure to keep all your customers looking you up online in mind by optimizing your social media profile for customers on their mobile.

With such statistics, you will be losing a lot if your website isn’t mobile friendly. As per Google stats, approximately 61% of users don’t return to a mobile site that initially found trouble accessing with 40% visiting competitor’s site.

That said, you should ensure that your online store and marketing emails are overly compatible across various mobile platforms. This makes it easy for you as a local venture to take advantage and increase mobile traffic. With more traffic, you increase the chances of getting more leads and thus more money.

To implement this growth hack fully, note the three key aspects. They include getting a responsive website, employing prudent mobile marketing strategies and optimizing your business’s marketing emails for mobile compatibility.

Why a Responsive Website is Necessary?

To begin, it is important to have a good and responsive local business website. This will make it easy for potential customers to access your business info from any device. Responsive websites should be capable of being functional with any device, regardless of the screen size.

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Responsive websites use special coding coupled with flexible elements that adjust automatically and proportional to the accessing device. Having such a website makes your local businesses accessible, easily navigable and useful on all mobile devices. With more than half of all web traffic originating from smartphones, having a responsive website is overly important.

For local businesses, responsive websites ascertain brand consistency, content quality, promotion and customer satisfaction. It improves the Google SEO, readership, increases store visits and ultimately boosts purchases.

Importance of optimizing marketing emails

Having a mailing list of your past customers or potential customers is extremely valuable, whether physical or electronic mailboxes. Some years back, optimizing marketing emails for mobile devices seemed impossible. However, as more people become attached with their smartphones, email marketing for mobile optimization is becoming a priority strategy. For email marketing to succeed in your business; write, design and deliver all your marketing emails with mobile compatibility in mind.

The overall goal of optimizing marketing emails is to make your emails effective when read on mobile devices as it would be read on a desktop or laptop. Like having a mobile-friendly website, an optimized marketing email will ease engagement with your target audience regardless of when or how they receive the email.

The importance of having a mobile email design include;

  • Fosters user experience
  • Builds business reputation
  • Lifts your business above other competitors
  • Increases conversion

Again, building a customer list can be extremely powerful, so make sure you have the best list building tools so you are not missing out on reaching people interested in what you have to offer.

3.    Include Videos

Text and videos are quickly becoming overshadowed by recent marketing strategies. According to Outbrain research, 87% of online marketers and local businesses that use video content strategy generated 1200% more shares compared to text and pictures combined.

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Besides this, videos used on website landing pages increases the website’s conversion by 80%. Such statistics highlight the importance of integrating videos as part of your marketing strategy. That said, learn how to integrate videos for online growth, how to post videos on various platforms and tips on how to get more video views online.

4.    Develop a Business App

One of the best ways of getting the upper hand among your competitors is building a mobile app. Of late, the surge in app popularity has made it easy to find a building service that will make your anticipations come true without breaking the bank.

In line with this, apps account for approximately 89% of mobile media time ( Besides being a great way of capturing an audience, it makes it easy for your customers and potential clients to interact with your products and services. From your app, clients won’t be distracted by ads from competitor’s sites and make it easy to announce exclusive offers for more sales.

5.    Try your local scene

This should probably be your first growth hacking strategy. As a local business, there are countless opportunities presented at local events, local media, local listings, and local networking groups. The challenge basically lies in identifying where potential customers like hanging out, their attributes, what they like and targeting them appropriately.

6.    Use testimonials and social proof

Reviews, referrals, and testimonials are a great contributing factor for clients when making a purchase decision. Referrals and testimonials fronted by local customers carry more weight as potential prospects will easily identify with your local business. Consider using social media platforms such as Facebook and Google+ that lets previous customers leave reviews.

7.    Integrate call to actions with your social media platforms

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To boost your growth, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your clients to take specific actions. The best way is by integrating calls to action on your business social media profiles. The call to action statement could be asking users to sign up for alert emails, like or share your posts. Nonetheless, make sure that your call to action statement is clear, precise and easy for clients to understand.

Final Thoughts

Ever since, businesses, both local startups, and developed ventures have always depended on creative growth hacks to grow and reach as many customers as possible. With the advent of the internet, acquiring more customers is becoming faster and easier than before.

Therefore, as an aspiring local business, learn from other businesses how they achieved their success. However, take caution to avoid being caught up trying to emulate other startups. There is no single growth hack for boosting your local business. Instead, try out several hacks and try new things to scale your local venture effortlessly.

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