How To Hack WiFi Network With WiFi Kill Apk On Android

Sometimes you are doing some important work on internet and your wifi speed has become very slow because of other people using your wifi connection. So what will you do? Yes, I will explain you what to do. You can simply disable their internet connection which is connected to the same wifi network. There are many android apps available on the internet to know who are connected to your wifi network connection. But today in this article we are going to share how to disable wifi connection of another device with wifi kill android apk.


What Is Wifi Kill

Wifi kill is an android application. It can disable other device wifi internet connections on the same network. This app is only developed for the android smartphone users. It is a light-weight tool with a simple interface. Wifi kill is very useful android apk for hackers. Wifi kill allows you to kill another device from a specific wifi network and you can easily allocate bandwidth to each device is connected to the same network.


Features Of Wifi Kill Apk

  • Disable the Internet access of any grabbed device.
  • Find list of the device is connected to your wifi network.
  • Easily monitor the network activity of device using wifi.
  • See the download and upload speed of grabbed device.
  • Show the network names of the devices.
  • Show the traffic consumed by the device.
  • Supported android 4.0 and above.
  • This app is created for fun purpose only.
  • It also works on tablets.


Requirements of Wifi Kill Android Apk

  • It requires Root access.
  • Wifi Kill supports Android 4.0 and above only.

Note: Before you get started to use wifi kill apk, you must know that your android device must be rooted.


How to Hack WiFi Network With WiFi Kill App

  • Open wifi kill apk and press on play button located at the top and the wifi kill app will start searching for all devices which are connected to the Wifi network.


  • Now click on allow button to allow super user permission.


  • After the scan is completed the app will then show all the devices connected to the wifi network.


  • Enable show network names in the preferences for display the names of the devices.
  • Click on device and it will open new windows and click on grab button. Now this selected device will not access your wifi connection. This device still connected but they will not get speed.


  • If you unkill connected device then turn off the kill button so that the devices will again get their internet connectivity.


Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this article. Wifi kill is one of the best android apk for disabling other device wifi internet connections on the same network. Also, have look at how to hack wifi. If you like this article then share with your friends on social media.

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