How can you attract social media users to share your video content online?

There are multiple ways where you can attract social media users to share your video content online.

But, if you are stuck in an MCQ with the options:

  • Tag them in posts
  • Use hashtags
  • Make them funny
  • Use subtitles

The sureshot answer would be – Tag them in posts.

Using Hashtags – No

Your online visibility. Ask yourself, why in the world would anyone share the video content just because you used hashtags?

When you upload a video online, initially the video has only your platform to get seen. But when you use hashtags, it reaches out to the social media users who are actually interested in a video like you uploaded.

Let’s begin with an example. Let’s assume you uploaded a video based on “social media tips”. Now, to attract users on social media, you would initially rely on your existing audience.

Whenever a user would click on any of the hashtags that you selected, your video would appear on their results. If your video content interests them, social media users will share your content online, but there are hardly any chances that they will share your video, because of thousands of other videos using the same hashtags.

Making the Post Funny – No

To let the social media users share your video, your video contact might not necessarily be funny. It could be something very informative or provide value to them.

It doesn’t make any sense to create the video funny and expect the social media users to share the video content.

Using Subtitles – No

You can use subtitles, and its a good practice to let your video content reach a broad audience. But what if your video is not worthy of sharing? What if it does not provide any value to the social media users?

Hence, just using subtitles and expecting the users to share your video content online is not recommended.

Tag them in posts – Yes

Why tag them in posts is the right answer? The only effective way to gather the attention of social media users is to tag them in your posts.

When you tag a social media user in your video content post, the user will receive a notification that you tagged him/her in your post.

If the content of the video is good, it will surely gather the attention of the user and hence you get your video content shared online.

And this is how you can attract social media users to share your video content online.

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