How To Make A Romantic Valentine’s Day Card By Yourself

How To Make A Romantic Valentine’s Day Card By Yourself

Do you remember, in childhood, how we all make cards for every occasion? Actually, we didn’t use to make cards for special occasions. We used to find an occasion for making cards. I think this is something that one generation gives to its next generation. You can look it up in your school going kids. If there is a birthday card I will make it. If tomorrow is a vacation card I will make it. Means we all were ready to make the card for every weird, too big occasion. But as the way we grew up, we are not losing our childhood but also our small happiness. If there is a birthday, we go to the Bloomsvilla website and do the order online and we send flowers  instead of going. If you have to say, sorry to your sweetheart, what you will do. You will give her a sorry card and you will say sorry for yourself. In the market, for every occasion a number of the cards are available. But these cards can never match the level of the card, that you will make by yourself for the love of your life.  So today I will show you how to make cards.

Chart paper

For making the card, you need a chart paper, drawing book page. Take whatever you have. Instead of taking colorful paper, take a white paper. So you can use any color. This is a small tip, remember it while making a card. Then cut it into the shape you want. You can use scissors, a cookie-cutter, knife, etc. These are tools perfect for the exact shape. Before cutting the shape, draw a borderline of the shape from the pencil. So the extra sheet doesn’t cut and the shape will also come out properly.

Glitter pen and colors

Use a different kind of colors to create beautiful designs. Like you can use watercolor, crayons, pencils color, etc. These are the colors best for the card drawing. After that write a beautiful message in it. Write whatever you want to say, to your sweetheart. For this use a glitter pen instead of a normal pen or colors. And make a beautiful outline of the message that you will write. I will suggest before writing, make outline both sides and after completion of your message, make the above and below outline. This is because you have free space to write your feelings. 

Glitter paper

Now, this is a Valentine’s Day card. So it should be romantic, and it should look like a Valentine’s day card. For this, glitter paper is perfect. It is easily available in any stationery shop. Cut it into the heart-shaped, you can use the small heart-shaped mold that you use for making muffins and cupcakes. I am just giving you a suggestion for the perfect heart-shaped. You can make it by yourself also. You can use this glitter paper to write Valentine’s Day on the card. You can use this to write your Valentine’s name also. And also you can write ‘ I Love You’. I mean, you just need to cut this glitter paper according to the shape of the alphabets, and your work is done.


The photograph is something that can make anyone smile and cry too. Because it is the memory that never fades. Whenever you look at any picture, the memory-related to the picture refreshes in your mind. So you take some pictures that are really close to your heart and stick it where you had written the message.


Without fresh flowers Valentine’s Day is incomplete. So take a cakes in delhi and stick it above the card. You can stick it under the card also. Because without roses how can we imagine Valentine’s card? If you can make rose from the paper, this will be well and good. If you are creative then please go for it. And if you can’t make them then use natural roses. If you know how to make the paper rose, then please make it but also add one real rose. This will add an extra romance to your Valentine Day card. And here your card is ready. So now go and make your Valentine feels special with your special card.

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