How to Spy Trendy Social Media Apps

Teenagers seem to be more dedicated towards social networking sites as they spend most of their hours using social media apps each day. While social media introduces children to people across the world, help them boost self-confidence and release their study pressure, it also exposes them to countless jeopardizes. The more time they spend online, the more odds are of them encountering cyber- bullies, online child predators, virtual peer pressure, and explicit adult content on social networking platforms. The responsibility lies on parents to monitor their children’s social media use with an aim to protect them from the social media dangers.

You can monitor your kids’ social media use simply by being in their social media friend list, but it certainly has some limitations. You cannot detect what type of messages your kids are receiving or sending and to whom. You can only watch out what your kids want you to see. This is where you can take the support of Social Media Spy App. You can secretly monitor all the online activities of your significant ones downloading and installing the Spy App on their mobile phones and computers. The app keeps you updated of all the actions performed by your offspring on almost all the popular social networking and instant messaging apps. A few of them are discussed below.


Facebook is becoming tremendously popular over the time. Since the Facebook account is password protected, you need to get the username and password of your kid’s Facebook account to sneak into it. However, the Facebook Spy App enables you to break into someone else’s Facebook account without getting credentials. Simply by installing the app on the target phone, you can read the individual and group conversations and track friend list keeping eyes on newly added, deleted or blocked entries.


With millions of active users, Instagram is the widespread photo-sharing app and a major platform for inappropriate and explicit content. The Instagram Spy App allows you to track the Instagram posts of your children along with the likes, and followers of those posts.


The photo-sharing app Snapchat is getting immense popularity among teens and tweens thanks to its self-destructive message feature. The photo and video messages sent via Snapchat automatically get deleted 10 seconds after being viewed. This is because the app is enormously being used for sharing nude and inappropriate photos. Snapchat Spy App allows parents to access all the photos, videos, and audio files shared by their kids on Snapchat to ensure their kids are not engaged in any wrongdoing. As the target starts using Snapchat, the app automatically starts taking screenshots with an interval of 3 seconds making it impossible to miss out even a single Snapchat activity.


WhatsApp is an Instant messaging app intended for 17+ but a majority of underage children are using this app for sending text and voice messages and making audio calls. The WhatsApp Spy App entitles parents to read all the one-on-one and group text messages, voice messages and get WhatsApp call logs comprising the call date, time and phone number and name of the caller and answerer.


Tinder is a social networking app that lets you find your romantic partner online. You upload your photos on the app and find your match. If you like the same person who has liked you on Tinder, the app opens up a messaging feature to let you communicate with each other and plan meetup. It needs not to mention how dangerous it could be to date a person who you met online and do not have reliable information about that person. You can protect your kids from such danger by monitoring their Tinder accounts. The Tinder Spy App enables you to read the Tinder chat and monitor the friend list and dating preferences of your children.


The Instant messaging app Kik has become an attractive platform for online child predators. Kik is a free and least secure messaging app that allows sending instant messaging, sharing photo and videos with anyone across the world. Parents can use Kik Spy App to watch out the individual and group messages and media files shared and received by their kids.


Tumblr is another most-favorite social networking app among children and teens. It allows you to post photos, videos, songs and anything of your choice with the communities who like the same stuff. Though the contact on Tumblr is uncontrolled, your kids are at risk of exposing to porn. Monitor their Tumblr accounts with Tumblr Spy app and read their direct messages, see the photos, videos, and other shared content, keep eyes on followers and followings.


Vine is the largest platform for videos as it allows the user to record six-second-long videos and share on the Vine network. The Vine Spy App enables parents to monitor the vine videos recorded and shared by their children. Also, they can see the watch-list to detect what type of videos their kids used to watch on Vine. They can also read the direct messages of their children and track the username, posts, and followers.


Line is another popular instant messaging app allowing users to send messages, make calls and share media files. Parents can detect what their kids are communicating on Line and with whom using the Line Spy App. The cell phone Spy app allows tracking individual and group chats, the timestamp of messages, stickers, and emoticons used in those messages, and shared photos, videos, and audios.


Similar to Line, Viber is another free instant messaging app that allows communicating with anyone around the world. The Viber Spy App enables parents to read incoming and outgoing Viber messages and thread conversations. You can also track the history of audio calls received and made through Viber containing the call time, call duration, and contact information of the caller and receiver.

Hope you would have found the solution to secretly monitor the social media profiles of your kids without getting their username and password. Follow them in their cyber life and protect them from the social media menaces taking the right decision at the right time.

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