How to Increase Jio Speed: Step by Step Tutorial

Are you among those who are looking to increase jio speed? Or you are a dissatisfied Jio user suffering from slow browsing as well as downloading? Still, you did not get in touch with the best solution even after browsing the Internet for long? Cheer up as the best option is about to knock at your doorsteps. It is high time for you to shoo away all sorts of real worries. Read along to know the steps to increase Jio Speed.

Selection of New APN to Increase JIO Speed

You may now easily enhance the speed of the internet that will provide you with the best browsing as well as downloading experience. By following these easy to follow steps, you will experience high downloading as well as upload speed in Jio:

  • Logging into settings option
  • Placing of clicks on Mobile Networks option
  • Moving on to the Access Point Name
  • Selection of the SIM slot
  • Clicking on the menu option
  • Selection of new APN
Select APN
Selecting the APN to increase JIO Speed

After you select the save option, you will be getting amazing results within a few seconds of time.

Apps to Install for Increasing JIO Speed

Apart from following these steps, you may also opt to install any of the following applications to increase JIO speed at best:

  • VPN master
  • MTK Engineering Mode
  • Shortcut master
  • Speed Booster and Optimizer

People do not prefer installation of applications into their smartphone. Instead, you may also give a trial to the following steps that will enhance your JIO speed followed by strengthening band coverage:

  • Setting preferable network type as LTE
  • For best speed, you may select either band 40 is greater than band three which is larger than band-5
  • For best coverage, band-5 is greater than band-3 which is more than band 40

By following the steps mentioned above, it will become easy for you to enhance the speed of JIO 4G so that you may easily relish the world of internet. Ranging from shopping to social sharing, every activity can be carried out more smoothly.

Enhance Downloading Speed in JIO

At the time of browsing the Internet, we all enjoy downloading. The newly introduced 4G technology has gained immense reputation regarding providing the best browsing and downloading experience. Some additional steps need to be followed to enjoy enhanced download speed. They are:

Tips to Increase Jio 4G Speed:

  • Turning off mobile data
  • After getting into mobile network, you may switch to access point names
  • Change in case of APN protocol needs to be changed from IPV4 to IPV6
  • After saving, mobile data needs to be turned on again
enhance download speed
Enhancing Download Speed in JIO

After following the above steps, you will witness the increase in JIO speed of download.


Now you know how to increase JIO Speed. JIO has gained an immense reputation for providing excellent browsing as well as downloading speed. You may easily access the Internet even while you are moving to and fro. Unlike 3G, you need not stay at a particular point to get access to the best speed of the Internet.

Even, it is great to learn that 4G technology comprises of some newly introduced features that are attracting users from all around. Get ready to enjoy these alluring features by just making some changes in your settings of the smartphone.

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