IoT – Where Do We Stand and Where Are We Headed To?

IoT – Where Do We Stand and Where Are We Headed To?
With the Internet of Things (IoT), how we see the world and how connected we are to our surroundings has transformed over the past few years and is expected to expand and change even more with a faster pace in the years ahead. With intelligent washing machine systems and the emergence of smart cars, our needs and our customers’ needs are changing to give space to this humongous growth of the Internet of Things. It is expected that the market of IoT will grow to as much as 75.4 billion by the end of 2025 and it stood at 15.4 billion only in 2015.
The commands that Alexa can take and how quick and rapid its responses are, whether it is related to checking the weather, telling jokes, playing your favorite song or anything that the human would like, we have seen this space growing with an unexpected rate.

IoT has not just taken over our professional work environment but it has also taken over our homes and in our daily routine activities and home chores. From chores like locking your bedroom door or switching on your lights to even increasing or decreasing the temperature of your living room, anything and everything have become possible with IoT. And not merely that, the connected devices do even beyond that – it can notify you as soon as your kids reach home from schools and also it would turn on the fan if your pet has littered.

This connected world is far more connected than we can possibly even think right now. And so, they are putting up more demands from businesses and enterprises because they want each and every aspect of their lives connected.
Until the beginning of 2017, much concern had arisen on the cyber-security areas with regard to IoT and data theft. This was one of the concerns that were thought to hinder the expansion of IoT. However, today, where we stand, is a much secure time with enterprises already working on security projects like OWASP in order to make consumers aware of how they can identify and tackle security issues at hand.

With such huge developments and progress on the IoT front, it is said that we are still in the initial stages of progress in this area and there are a lot more advancements to come. This means that the connected world is yet to be more connected beyond our imaginations and the possibilities look endless.

The future of IoT doesn’t merely increase the responsibility on the shoulders of the IoT vendors but the need for them to evolve every day. One such constant innovation is the usage billing service in IoT that empowers enterprises and customers equally and redefines how businesses operate in this ever-evolving technology savvy world. All these innovations are customer centric and promise the enterprises achievement of huge bottom lines at the same time.

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