How To Use Jio SIM In 3G Phone Or Mobiles

Do you want to know how to use Jio SIM in 3G Phone? Read the entire post below.

When you have Jio in hand, why worry? Avail a Jio SIM and connect with your people from any part of India at any time. Jio is regarded now as the most cost friendly, widely approachable and wonderfully serviceable network.

Before we talk about using a JIO SIM in a 3G phone, its important to activate a JIO Plan.

Reliance JIO Plans

Before purchasing a Jio SIM for using in a 3G Phone, it is wise to go through the facts and features that it possesses. The entire offer plan is divided into two parts, rather, in two forms of payment schemes namely, postpaid and prepaid. Postpaid is when you pay for the service after you have enjoyed it and Prepaid is just the opposite, that is, you pay before enjoying the facility.

Before getting into the details of how to use jio sim in 3g phone, below is a detailed description of the various plans JIO SIM offers.

reliance jio plans


  • You get the facility of free local, STD, roaming calls at a certain rate for a particular period.
  • Unlimited data offers with full 4G speed again for a specified period at a fixed rate.
  • For SMS too, you get the same opportunity.

Point to be noted, the package rates differ from one another. The more the rate, the more is the tenure for data or voice call or SMS.


For postpaid payment schemes, there are unlimited voice calls, data and message facility at different rates like 309/-, 349/-, 399/-, 509/- and 999/- for two months and three months respectively.

Conditions to Use Jio SIM in 3G Handsets

conditions to use jio in 3g phones

Like all other mobile networks, Jio has some terms and conditions applied that needs to be strictly followed.

  1. All voice calls, inclusive of data based audio calls are absolutely free.
  2. Prepaid charges are excluded from all taxes. Charges will be an added incentive for the postpaid facility.
  3. Customers are given the opportunity for joining Jio membership with a light charge of Rs.99.
  4. Prepaid subscribers can consider 28 days as one month whereas, for postpaid subscribers, one bill turn is regarded as a month.
  5. For unlimited SMS pack, you get the advantage of 100 messages per day.
  6. All the offers will be notified via emails. Therefore, it is necessary for you to provide a correct and easily accessible email id.
  7. The 4G plans can only be utilized by customers obtaining an LTE gadget.

The Working of Jio SIM in 3G Smartphones

Many tech experts have confirmed the use of Jio SIM in 3G phone. Let’s know the steps.

Steps to use Jio Sim in 3G phones:

  • Check whether your 3G handset has MediaTek chipset or not.
  • Click on the MediaTek option and choose the preferred network option.
  • Next, you can select LTE, a highly essential constituent for the functioning of a Jio SIM.
  • Once you are done with these steps, shut down your device.
  • Put in the Jio SIM in the first slot and leave the second slot empty.
  • Now, switch on your device and there you go, your Jio SIM network is ready to be used.


Note: The KitKat version of Android will also serve the purpose.

Therefore, it is really amazing to get your phone set to Jio within 10 minutes even if it is a 3G handset. Otherwise, setting up a Jio SIM in a 4G handset is just a work of a fraction of a second. Also, if you feel like enjoying long hours of talking or extended period of surfing the internet, there is no match for Jio.

Now you know how to use JIO SIM in 3G phone. Sit back in a comfy sofa, with a cup of brewed coffee on a lazy rainy afternoon and watch a good movie for complete 2 hours, of course with your Jio SIM installed in your 3G mobile.

If you still have any queries on how to use JIO SIM in 3G mobile, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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