5 Best Leg Workouts For Women That Can Be Done At Home!

Building shapely legs is now a fad among women. But who can really blame them? The strength that can be found in legs is now associated with being fit and sexy. And if you’re one of the many that believe in this brouhaha, your admission is not unfounded. Mostly, owning robust and well-built legs likely entails that your thigh, hips, quads, hamstrings, and calves could also be in good shape!

Thankfully, getting these full-figured legs can now be attained with ease. Just right in the confines of your home, you can build and eventually be a proud owner of a strong lower body (which includes those comely legs!) that you’ve always wanted.

With absolutely no gears required, the following are the leg exercises you can do at home:

  1. The squat that delivers (and works your buttocks too!)

 Start by placing your buttocks back (do this like you’re on a chair, sitting). Your thighs should be paralleled to the floor while your knees should be over your toes.

Next, position your feet and shoulder (a width apart) as you turn out using your weight slightly. Ensure that your toes can be wiggled during this step.

Place your hands right behind your head then lift your chest. Then, draw your shoulders back before you lower them.

Tip: Maintain your spine neutrally without having to arch your back. Also, your stomach has to be engaged when you’re doing this regimen.

  1. The high-knee and toe touch routine

 Stand in front of a bench or a box with bent elbows at both sides of your body. Your hands should be placed in front of you.

Next, tap your right foot on the bench followed by your left one. Alternate the taps as quickly as you can as you pump your arms. Perform this for one minute.

  1. Whittle that waist down!

 Begin by lying on your right side with stacked legs, bent right knee, straight left leg, head on the ground, and bent elbows right in front. Do all of these with a cupped left hand on top of your right fist.

While your arms are stiff, proceed by pushing off your right arm as you bring your torso up and with your left elbow along with your left leg as high as possible. Repeat the regimen from the start. Perform this in 15 reps; switch sides then repeat.

This waist exercise should also work your abs, arms, and hips.

  1. The buttocks lift

 Lie with your face up. Ensure that your knees are bent, and your feet are flat. Next, extend your right leg to your ceiling with your toes, pointed. Your glutes have to be squeezed, and hips lifted so you can form a “straight diagonal” starting from your left knee right to your shoulders.

Cap off this sequence with your hips raised higher and then lowered to the ground for a single rep. Perform fifteen reps then switch your legs. Repeat procedure until you feel the exerted effort.

  1. The buttocks toner

 Place both of your feet wider than your shoulder and width apart. Make sure that your toes are out and your hands are on your hips. Perform a squat right until your thighs are paralleled to the ground. Next, lift both of your heels. Finish this sequence off by lowering your heels for a single rep. Repeat as desired or until you feel the exerted effort.

More winning tips

 If you’d like to opt for equipment for your leg workouts, the best way to start is by engaging your legs with exercise bikes. This valuable equipment will not only work your leg muscles, but they’re also bound to tone them.

Meanwhile, elevate your leg activities at home by wearing the right pair of shoes. These should especially help you endure some of the rigorous regimens that require proper support from your feet.

Final thoughts

 Indeed, there are now many ways to improve the tone and form of your legs without the aid of any equipment. And what’s even better is that all of these can be done right in the comfort of your home. By now, you cannot say that you can never have those to-die for legs, simply follow the instructions mentioned above and your legs are good to go.

It’s also important to understand that as you do all of these, discipline and consistency are must-have factors for you to reap your desired results. When these are incorporated right into your activities, you’ll be surprised that both of your legs are not only fit but also are ready to be flaunted!

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