Handy Desktop Tool for MP4-to-WMV Conversion

Choosing your favorite video format is a matter of taste. If there is a reason for you not to use universal MP4 and change it to WMV, you’d better have appropriate software and definitely not rely on online converters. Why? Because they may be unsafe, function improperly, or worsen the quality of your files. Plus, if you have slow Internet connection, the conversion process may take forever to be completed. A good alternative is Movavi Video Converter – a lightning-speed tool that can convert MP4 to WMV as well as to any other media format.

After you upload files to the program you may notice that some of them need enhancing or you might already know it. For instance, the files used as an example have low volume. The converter identified this problem automatically and suggested boosting it. By normalizing volume, you will make the sound as loud as it is possible without distortion.

There are also other tools to make your videos better: reduce shaking, adjust colors, remove the background (for audio) and digital (for video) noise, crop, trim and rotate the footage. You can also apply a watermark to the video in order to protect your ownership. Manage the subtitles tracks as well: add or remove them, sync with the video and choose their position on the screen.

The converter works with more than 180 formats. When converting to WMV you can choose between default 720p and 1080p or keep the same resolution as in the input file. You can even make the video compatible with PowerPoint if you intend to insert it in your presentation.

Tweak the properties of the output file they way you want:

  • customize the frame size
  • choose the resize quality and method
  • change the bitrate and more

You can also set the value for a desired output file size – the result, however, may be slightly different. By changing the size of the file you automatically increase or reduce its bitrate and, consequently, its quality.

Movavi Video Converter uses a smart algorithm that allows it process multiple files simultaneously. Regardless the number of files, the program doesn’t slow down the system. Why? The converter is minimized to the system tray so it doesn’t affect the CPU load.

So, if you need to convert MP4 to WMV fast and without quality loss – we suggest you try Movavi Video Converter. You can also use this program to compress video files, convert between other formats, and prepare videos for viewing on mobile devices.

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