Multiple sclerosis as a precursor for erectile dysfunction

Multiple sclerosis introduction:

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the brain and spinal cord characterized by a progressive degeneration of the nerves that causes disability of varying degree in men and women.

In multiple sclerosis the communication network between your brain and body becomes weak gradually and the end result is permanent loss of connection between brain and body which disables the person from doing any kind of physical activity.

The incidence of multiple sclerosis is rising in Australia in recent years with 25600 Australians currently suffering from this disease.

Out of the many complications of multiple sclerosis, the one that is of concern specifically for males is erectile dysfunction accounting for 57 percent of patients, making it the commonest sexual dysfunction associated with multiple sclerosis. buycialis online in Australia solution to get back lost sexual life.

What happens in erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection because of numerous causes including psychological, physical and emotional factors.

In Australia the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is 40 percent in the general population and thus has become a disease of concern in men above 40 years of age.

Men with multiple sclerosis can also have erectile dysfunction.

In men with multiple sclerosis there is a high chance of erectile dysfunction because of nerve damage.

Erection occurs as a result of sexual stimulus which is first perceived by the brain and after formulating the message received, our brain sends feedback in the form of impulses to the penile musculature and arteries surrounding the penile tissues, for relaxation. This vasodilation leads to increased blood flow to the penis and thus an erection occurs.

In individuals with multiple sclerosis the nerve damage if extensive can hinder the impulses from reaching the body, the pathway of signal conduction from brain to the body is disturbed or destroyed completely. The brain neither perceives the signals of sexual stimulus from the body, nor does it send any feedback to the penis for erection.

Is multiple sclerosis curable?

There is no permanent cure for multiple sclerosis as the disease is progressive and comes in different phases of relapse and remission. Australian researchers however, think that immunotherapy can treat the disease to greater extent and also can limit the wide array of complications associated with multiple sclerosis including with sexual dysfunctions.

Does managing multiple sclerosis also improve erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients is due to two main causes,

  1. Nerve damages
  2. Fatigue

Nerve damage in multiple sclerosis is progressive and there is no permanent cure for the diseases. However, by treating the symptoms or controlling the exacerbation phases of multiple sclerosis there is a chance that the person resumes a normal or we can say close to normal lifestyle.

When fatigue due to multiple sclerosis is managed, the sexual complications automatically are limited and a healthy erection can be achieved with the use for drugs. You can also visit Vialis Meds to get real-time effective solution.

A common medicine for multiple sclerosis and erectile dysfunction:

Viagra is the drug of choice typically for treating erectile dysfunction in Australia, but recent studies have shown the effect of viagra for reducing symptoms of multiple sclerosis as well. 

Another drug named papaverin which belongs to a group of vasodilators can also be given in multiple sclerosis patients with erectile dysfunction. This medicine relaxes the arterial wall in the penis and increases the blood flow that subsequently results in erection in response to a sexual stimulation.

Other drugs for erectile dysfunction:

Some other drugs are available in Australia for treating erectile dysfunction with the following trade names,

  • Cialis
  • Kamagra jelly
  • Priligy
  • Levitra

Most of these drugs are a form of phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors that help improve circulation to the genitals and make erection possible.

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