Why Opting Call Answering Services Is A Prolific Option?

Do you know how a missed call can impact your business? Not attending a customer call slashes down customers from your business and adversely affect your sales. This is not the end, you might lose the business rapport and end up with lack of business opportunities.

When a customer makes call, what happens?  Does a receptionist respond to that call or does it routed to voicemail? Or, are you trying to answer the call or the call hang up without getting a proper response? With every missed call, your business is potentially at a stake of losing a lucrative business opportunity or a fantastic business deal.

Customer is the lifeblood of any organisation. If you could not respond to the customer call, then he/she can turn to other counterparts. In current times, no customer likes to hear IVR messages and most of the customers hung up after hearing to those pre-recorded messages. For any business, it is important to attract wide audience and keep the existing ones happy. You cannot afford to lose a customer due to scarcity of competent resources. Herein, hiring call answering services is the most cost-optimal solution that not only increases your business availability but also enhances the customer satisfaction level.

What is call answering services?

It is commonly referred as telephone answering services in which call centre operators answer the call on behalf of your company. Call answering is an effective method through which all customer calls are attended in an appropriate manner. This is a very popular service across different industry verticals. In inbound call centre services, all the agents are well-trained and handle the customer calls efficiently.

Important features of call answering services:

Answers calls in non-business hours: Most of the time customer calls during non-business hours and you might lose those customers due to unavailability of resources. With inbound call centre services, non- business hours calls are answered efficiently. The major task of such professionals is to answer the calls and handle customers’ queries. All the incoming calls are being answered in a 24×7 environment.

Attend customer calls on behalf of the parent company: Third party outsourcing service providers attend customer calls on behalf of the parent company. This service acts as an extended service to your company and that’s why call centre reps are considered as your company’s employees.

Transfer customer calls: In inbound call centre services, calls can be transferred to concerned employees over phone. Moreover, you can add name of the callers where you want to transfer all the calls during the non-availability conditions.

Customer Relationship Management: Call centre companies that offer inbound call centre services has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) wherein all the data about a customer will get saved. Telephone numbers, email id and name of the customer will be saved in the database. You can access caller details anytime. In addition to this, you can also view old calls details. The advanced database allows you to access the complete data by using web browser and analyse calls based on the data.

These are the important functions of inbound call centre services. Now, it is the time to know some important benefits of answering services.

  • It is true that sales are the most important part of a business and you cannot afford to lose that. But at the same time, there is no point of spending money on putting marketing efforts when you don’t have skilled resources to answer customer calls. With the help of call answering services, you can attend high influx of incoming calls.
  • Call centres provide 24/7 customer services that means a user can call any time and place an order, no matter whether it is day or night. Specialised call centre agents handle business operations on behalf of the parent company.
  • In inbound call centres, calls are recorded and monitored for quality check. Call quality check ensures that the process is going on the right track and it is putting no impact on sales. In actual, it is a simple process where you can monitor calls and identify the training needs for further improvement.

These are the significant benefits that represent why opting inbound call centre service is the most prolific option for your business.

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