4 Attributes of P3Care for Meticulous Medical Billing Services

P3 Healthcare Solutions is a company striving to uplift the healthcare sector digitally and solving the intricacies of the medical billing industry to support the doctors and providers financially so they can function and deliver the best health care. It operates from Ontario, California and consists of ethically enlightened and dedicated team of professionals.

P3Care is HIPAA compliant making way for Patient Health Information (PHI) to be in safe and secure hands. As a whole, P3Care is a complete healthcare solution. It attributes many other services to its name including medical coding, accounts receivable management, MIPS reporting and data submissions, credentialing, medical billing audits and pathology & clinical labs.

We will look at each of those services one by one –

  1. Taking Medical Billing Services to the Next Level

If you, as a provider, feel you deserve more than you are getting, it is time for you to ask and be critical of the medical billing services working for you. Approximately, $125 billion is the amount that goes to waste every year on account of poor medical billing services. This is a huge amount and you should not have to deal with deductions or denials because you are doing your job the best you can. You must ask direct questions to the medical billing company before hiring them and if they are unable to give you reasonable answers, don’t hire them. Otherwise, make the deal!

Merit is the only criteria of hiring at P3Care. Only experienced and those who can deliver in the crunch times populate the seats in the operations center. Although it is necessary to see the biller’s experience and skill set, genuine reviews go a long way in selecting the right biller. You can write “medical billing services near me” on Google and read reviews to see what other doctors are saying about them. If you practice in California by any chance, you might hit P3Care.com. Dial 909-245-8350 to talk to a customer services representative directly.

P3Care knows what is at stake, hence, it does its best to speed up the RCM process and files bills as soon as they are ready. Medical billing software links to your EHR system making it possible for quicker collections. The denial rate of claims at P3Care is minimum and if it happens, a quick follow-up without wasting time does the trick. P3Care also happens to have a high first-time claim acceptance rate.

  1. Confirm Your MIPS Incentives

MIPS eligible professionals (EPs) should be happy to hear that CMS recognizes P3Care as a MIPS Qualified Registry. The deadline to submit MIPS data is March 31, 2018, for the year 2017, so if you are looking for a company that knows its way around MIPS, you need to call them before the time runs out. You only need to report 90-days data for the first year of the Quality Payment Program (QPP). The quality measures hold the most value for the year 2017. Therefore, if you are able to execute those measures effectively, you will be able to grab good payments at the end of the Fiscal Year.

It is a no-brainer to have a high MIPS Final Score with P3Care. In addition, they can also guide you on Quality Payment Program’s (QPP) changing guidelines, whether you are an individual or a group of clinicians looking to educate yourselves. They can help you select measures related to your expertise and by demonstrating their meaningful use you can win additional amount in the form of incentives.

Think bonuses as a result of MIPS quality data reporting & submissions with P3Care.

  1. Scan Your Current Service via Medical Billing Audit

This is one of their specialties too. What is a medical billing audit? It is going through your bills and seeing if you as a provider are doing a good job coding them. The coding of those claims should be in accordance with the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) rules and the payer payment policies.

This process usually filters out those issues that are responsible for coding errors. You don’t want incorrect bills because that is the number 1 cause of claim denials and shallow incomes eventually.

Letting P3Care do your prospective and retrospective claims’ audits to point out glitches in your current system for a nominal fee. This will only increase the efficiency of your revenue cycle management.

  1. Sharper Brains for Medical Coding

In short, medical coding is a daunting task. Why? Because there are some 85,000 CPT codes, almost 16,000 diagnosis codes, limitless supply codes and countless medical rules to follow. All of these essentials make coding a puzzling activity.

At P3Care, the coders are resilient and giving up is not part of their resume. There is a mixture of certified and experienced coders on the floor. This, in turn, gives the new employees maximum exposure, while letting the older ones polish their skills.

To keep things in perspective, they are well accustomed to any changes recommended by CMS such as the ICD-10 upgrade regarding the preparation of bills.

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