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Why convert a document from PDF to JPG?
There are many reasons why you may want to convert your documents from one format to another. A document that is saved in one format cannot be opened in a different format and that is why people prefer to convert it to a format that can be opened by their particular application. Some websites also require people to upload documents of specified file formats, especially if you are applying for a job, most of the time you will find the required format is pdf. While these are the some of the reasons why you may want to convert PDF to JPG, below are few other reasons

  1. Unlike JPG, to open a PDF document, you must have an external application which such as Acrobat Reader DC.
  2. It’s easier to open a JPG document in most browsers but when it comes to PDF files, you must have an external application or a plug-in which can be difficult to get sometimes.
  3. Many Microsoft applications can handle documents in JPG faster than PDF. For instance, a PowerPoint slide with an image will load faster than when loading a PDF document.

All the above cases can be addressed when you convert PDF to JPG.

How do you change PDF to JPG?
Today, the web has numerous tools to do the conversion for you. However, many of these online document converting tools cannot handle two documents at a go, you will have to convert one document file format at a time. Also, it can sometimes take some time to do the conversion. Most of them are third-party tools so you should be ready to entrust your documents to them.

Below are some of the tools to help you convert your documents. There is no need for installations, you just need to access the site and upload your document to be converted.

  1. Zamzar

Zamzar is one of the most commonly used file conversion sites. In facts, it has been mentioned in the best free online converters. This platform is also a PDF to DOCX free converter. The conversion process from PDF to JPG is very simple in that you are required to select the document or of the document to be converted and then specify the format to convert to. You will be required to enter your email address where the document will be sent and then hit the convert button. The only problem with these free conversion services is that they limit to a certain file size and sometimes it may be risky to upload sensitive documents.

  1. Online-Convert.com

This is also another online tool that provides people an opportunity to convert any file to any format. Here you just need to check the supported file format in the box where it’s written Free online file converter then click Go. You will then be taken to another window where you will upload your document or enter the URL where the file is saved and hit Convert file. If the site supports the document you want to be converted, it will take some few minutes and your document will be processed and save to your preferred location. With this site, you can convert audio, video, document, eBook, and archive.

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