Periscope for Windows Phones: Alternative

Periscope – one of the most advanced social networking app that has been created for the exchange of streaming videos. That is, each participant can both hold their broadcast and watch the stream from all corners of the earth. This allows you to “go” in every country, discover the interesting people to acquire knowledge and share their own experiences.

Rights “Periscope” owned by “Twitter”. Developers have created special software is only for owners of mobile platforms, with a fairly limited range. So, there is the official app on operating systems iOS and “Android”, but not on Windows. Those who remain a loyal fan of products from “Microsoft”, carried not so much. If the preinstalled Operating System, which uses the phone – “Windows” – will have to use third-party resources, as the official version is not even advertised. How to get out of the situation? “Periscope” Where can I download for Windows Phone?

Telescope for Periscope


If Periscope download on Windows Phone does not work, how to be the owners of these smartphones? Fortunately, the owners of the devices from the “Nokia” have an alternative. It is understood the application under the name “Telescope,” which, though not fully, but still replaces the official. This program is for those who want to download free periscope for PC “Windows Background”. It’s author – Daniel Gary. Owning a portable handheld device to “Windows” this person is familiar as the developer an alternative version of Instagram, honed under Windows Mobile.

For users who bought Microsoft phone, better version of this is not to be found. “Telescope” supports all Soup running WP operating system. It was no exception and a series of smartphones Nokia Lumia range.

Download a Periscope For PC

download-periscope-for-pc (1)

The first step is to install the software “Periscope” to “Nokia Lumia(Windows) – the entrance to the app store. Using them will not work without registration (if this is the first downloadable software) or authorization (all subsequent times) to Windows Live system. In the search box, trying to drive the application name and choose the best option from the first drop-down list. Then you just need to download the program on “Lumia” 630 or any other phone running Windows.

How to use the Telescope for Periscope

In general, with this program in terms of interface, it looks almost the same as the official counterparts. It can perform the following manipulations:

  • Create a new account.
  • Watch a live video – online and recorded videos mode.
  • Becoming followers on other accounts.

However, functional, unfortunately, are still heavily curtailed. So, it is impossible in the framework of “Telescope”:

  • To conduct their broadcasts.
  • In every possible way to communicate in a social network: access to the comments and closed hearts.
  • Make changes to the settings.
  • View details of other pages.
  • Search for other people’s accounts.

Given how popular this social network, it is necessary to hope that soon the developers ‘Twitter’ yet create a version for smartphones based on Windows, which will support all the features.

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