Power Up Your Social Media Efforts With This Crazy Tool

Social media is becoming more and more important every day, and it really can’t be left out of your online promotion strategy.

There has been a lot of debate how much weight search engines give to these, but the proof shows that they do consider social signals when ranking your page. Not only does social media play a part for your search engine rankings but with new sites, it can deliver near enough instant traffic. If you utilize it correctly, that is! Post quality content and get it out there and you could have your first few visitors in no time.

When used correctly you can create a viral effect which basically means that your content is spreading through the internet like a virus. Mega traffic is on it’s way to you! Is it possible to recreate this effect, though, so that you can use it for your own gains? It most certainly is and with the tool that I am sharing with you today, the task will become a lot easier.

Introducing Octosuite, this tool was created by super internet marketer Luke Maguire and is set to explode in the JVZoo marketplace this week (July 27th, 2016). What exactly can you do with it though?

From reading reviews of Octosuite, it seems like a very powerful tool. You can use it to generate content ideas or recreate the viral effect I was telling you about. When you load up the software, which is a web-based platform, you will click one of the discovery items. You can choose Facebook Discovery, Twitter Discovery or Reddit Discovery and this is just a few, the tool offers a lot more.

Simply give it your keyword and let it scour the platform of choice. When it is done, it will return a list of content ideas, and these are sorted by how viral the post was on that platform. You have a list of proven viral content ideas.
Can you see how useful this is?

Now you could go and record a video and share on YouTube and this could become the next viral video. The idea has been viral before, and that means it could easily go crazy again!

Don’t stop there why not take it a step further and create a blog post on your site. Bring that viral effect to your site. The possibilities are endless but this is only scraping the surface of what this tool can do.

Say you find a post about training dog to sit and it was on Facebook. Within Octosuite you can edit the post and add your own links and text make it unique to your site/brand. Just share with your followers and let the viral effect start again. The difference is that you will receive all the benefit this time.

I hope you can see that with a little work this tool can really work wonders for your blog, YouTube channel or social media profile. The next great piece of news is that it is very affordable, and if you get during the launch week you will only need to spend $37.

Will you become the next viral superstar?

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