Pros and cons of hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a gel or liquid which is used to decrease the effect of bacteria or virus that come in contact through hands. Hand sanitizer has played an effective role in achieving proper hygiene. Mainly there are 2 types of hand sanitizers available in market alcohol-based and non-alcohol based. The presence of alcohol in hand sanitizer can affect the skin and is toxic in smell. Non-alcohol sanitizer is environment friendly and does not cause any skin problems like excess of dryness and itching. Good quality hand sanitizer is easy to use and also helps to kill 99% of germs. 

Some of the pros and cons of the hand sanitizer can be explained as below-

Pros of hand sanitizer

  1. Chances of infection decrease- the chances of getting infected by the disease decreases. It also kills bacteria and micro-organisms from our hands. The practice of using hand sanitizer act as a safeguard against the common cold, fever and viral, etc.
  2. Less time is taken to clean hands- As the time taken in cleaning hand with hand sanitizer takes a few seconds while using soap to wash the hand takes more time.
  3. Portable and handy to carry- Hand sanitizer is very portable to use and handy to carry. If you are attending any group meeting or you are in a classroom, theatre, or any such place where a lot of people involved then you can use hand sanitizer before having snacks.
  4. Environment friendly- As most of the non-alcoholic hand sanitizer is considered to the environment friendly because most of the ingredients present are derived from natural resources.
  5. Affordable- As hand sanitizer is considered to be a cheap and affordable product. This product is very easily available in the market.
  6. Kills viruses-In this current situation of coronavirus use of hand sanitizer is highly recommended by the government to prevent transmission of the virus.

Cons of using a hand sanitizer

  1. Damaged skin- Scientific studies shows that the presence of alcohol in hand sanitizer can damage, irritate, or can also lead to allergies in the skin cell.
  2. Not safe for children- Hand sanitizer is not safe for children below the age of 5 years. A small amount of intake of hand sanitizer by children can lead to medical treatment.
  3. Causes heath diseases- As foam based hand sanitizer leads to many health diseases like it also causes stomach ache and vomit. Sometimes it can also cause an eye infection.
  4. Fire risk- As hand sanitizer is very flammable in nature. So it should always keep it away from the flammable object. It happens because of the presence of an alcohol amount for drying up the hand.
  5. Toxic smell- The smell of hand sanitizer is highly toxic as it contains the harmful chemical or compound which is used to infuse fragrance in them.

Conclusion- In this modern era, as a sanitizer is widely used in preventing the diseases but excess use of this also causes some adverse effect on health.

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