How to include special effects in videos? Discuss tools and software that help

Abstract: Visual effects have become the fundamental part of the film industry and showbiz; these effects enhance the beauty and presentation of idealistic ideas in reality.

Content: Technology has paved the way to advancement in every field from education to film industry. Visual effects have given multiple options to writers and directors to express their ideas in any way they want. Visual effects also influence the audience; the expression can be made much better by availing visual effects. Visual effects are most commonly seen in the animated and fantasy movies and videos. These effects are quite effective in conveying the message or story with the help of visual effects which is quite impossible in the real world, such as different movies are available which depict the celestial stories which in the real world is quite impossible.  Various techniques and software are used to include visual effects in the videos in as natural way as possible. Some of the software to include visual effects in videos is discussed in this article.

1.Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is best for beginners. It has all the features required to make videos more attractive and stunning. Almost 183 filters are provided by this software to give you old age or vintage effect in your videos. Besides, it has 290 motion elements to adore your videos in a more enchanting way. These elements are also designed for different important occasions and festivals, such as Halloween or Birthdays etc. Mosaic, tilt screen and face-off are some of the elements of Filmora. It is quite easy and free to download.

2.Adobe Premiere Pro

This software is quite in trend for video editing. It uses a timeline for video editing and adds effects to the videos of your choice. It creates dynamic titles for your videos.  This software is quite compatible and can be run on different file formats. Photoshop and after effects are the important features of Adobe Premiere Pro. It has user-friendly interface and detailed guide is available for that. It is available at affordable rates. You can buy this software to make your videos more dynamic and versatile than ever.

3.Final Cut Pro

This software is used to enhance the visual effects of your videos. It has special graphics which can change or modify the background of your videos without affecting the natural outlook of the videos being processed. It supports different file formats and is best for background effects. It offers a magnetic timeline and efficient background processing. It can be availed at reasonable prices. Advanced users find it user-friendly and efficient for video editing.


This software is unparalleled in quality and video editing. You can create the high definition videos in a way you like and can also share them with your friends. Capture the best precious moments of your life and make them vivid with the help of iMovie. It is suitable for iOS and Mac. High definition movie’ trailers are also created with the help of this software. It supports a variety of file formats. It is user-friendly and provides amazing templates for creating rendezvous videos.

5.Movie Maker

It provides amazing transitions and titles for your videos. You can create your videos in any way you like it. Movie Maker is quite easy to use because it has the user-friendly interface. Even the beginners can easily handle it to make their videos more stunning. It supports different file formats. In addition to this, you can avail this software without any cost and make your videos more diverse with rich video effects including credits, transitions, and titles.

These were some of the tips to make your videos more interesting by adding visual effects to enhance the quality of videos. This software is easy to handle and provide innumerable options adding visual effects in videos.

Author’s Bio. This article has been written by Michael Tim, a graphic Designer, Video Maker and a Writer who works for whiteboard animation services | Flamingo-Video and writes articles on technology, visual effects, and programming.

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