Are there still Oilfield Jobs Available in Texas?

For two long years, Texas’s oil and gas industry have faced economic recession and have led to the shedding of numerous employees. Since the mid-2014 Texas oils and gas industry has not appointed new personnel for jobs rather they have been shedding employees in a hard time. In mid-2014 over …

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Handy Desktop Tool for MP4-to-WMV Conversion

Choosing your favorite video format is a matter of taste. If there is a reason for you not to use universal MP4 and change it to WMV, you’d better have appropriate software and definitely not rely on online converters. Why? Because they may be unsafe, function improperly, or worsen the …

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How to Get the Most Out of Snapchat Ads

With more than 166 million daily active users who are watching 10 billion videos every day, Snapchat has now become the most effective and engaging medium that digital marketers simply can’t ignore. If truth be told, Snapchat is the most important social media platform for businesses which target audience aligns …

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Why is SSHFS always asking for password in fstab?


SSHFS is a file system for mounting directories over SSH (Secure Shell—a network protocol), and fstab is a configuration file that contains information of all partitions and storage device in a computer. SSHFS is Linux based software that can be installed on Ubuntu and Debian through apt-get.  The file, fstab …

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How to Spy Trendy Social Media Apps

spy app

Teenagers seem to be more dedicated towards social networking sites as they spend most of their hours using social media apps each day. While social media introduces children to people across the world, help them boost self-confidence and release their study pressure, it also exposes them to countless jeopardizes. The …

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Top 5 Expert Secrets to Stay Safe on the Internet

You must have read many articles about Ant-virus software and its benefits while you are online. The main reason why much emphasis has been made on educating users about anti-virus programs is to ensure online security and safety. However, downloading Anti-virus programs on your computer system is not enough; you …

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3 Things a Coupon Site Should Do To Last Longer

In and around 2014 there were so many coupon sites but most of them are no longer in business. However, there are still a few sites that have stood the test of time -they are still operational with great performance. But what could be the secret? In this article, we …

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You can ditch your DSLR camera for Galaxy S9

galaxy s9

Good news for the camera lovers, Samsung to launch the Galaxy S9 next year with the best possible camera specifications that can make you ditch your DSLR camera. Camera Galaxy S8 on paper has the same camera as the Galaxy S7. Sensor resolution for both is 12 megapixel, autofocus Dual …

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#Howto: How to use WPS button on WiFi router?


What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)? WPS means Wi-Fi it and Protected Setup is a radio network standard that attempts to create contacts between a modem and wireless products easier and quicker. It operates just for wireless systems which have WPA2 Private protection or WPA-Personal. WPS does not offer assistance …

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How To Hack WiFi Network With WiFi Kill Apk On Android

Sometimes you are doing some important work on internet and your wifi speed has become very slow because of other people using your wifi connection. So what will you do? Yes, I will explain you what to do. You can simply disable their internet connection which is connected to the …

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Advantages of having a Mortgage Servicing Portal

A mortgage servicing portal can provide with an easily scalable and interactive platform that helps to engage borrowers more intensely. It offers customers a high quality interactive experience that would appeal to their senses much more strongly. The program can also be expanded to accommodate different other types of business …

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