Top Gorgeous 2020 Jewelry Trends

Along with clothes, jewelry is an indispensable accessory to enhance the appearance of an individual. Each year, there are plenty of jewelry trends to wear. Looking for the top gorgeous jewelry trends in 2020? In this post, I list some gorgeous 2020 jewelry trends to try now. Whether you choose any trend, one of these trends is sure to boost your fashion style.

1.Colorful jewelry

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Colorful jewelry continues to be a gorgeous jewelry trend in 2020. Jewelry with beautiful, eye-catching, unique, and attractive colors design is attracting many young people.

Some unique designs such as Earrings made from colorful petals with beads at Ulla Johnson, Jewelry set from multicolored gems at Brandon Maxwell, mismatched colors at Marc Jacobs. All make a colorful trend for jewelry in 2020.

2. Big hoop earrings 

The hoops are never outdated. The big hoop earrings are one of the gorgeous jewelry trends you shouldn’t miss. If you are a fan of fashion, big hoop earrings are the true must-have accessory for 2020.


3. Single Earrings

Whether your style tends to the minimalist or maximalist, single earrings are gorgeous jewelry you should try in 2020.

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The single earring trend appears on the Spring 2020 runways. From Prabal Gurung to Tibi, or Marc Jacobs, all have this trend. To make this trend work perfectly, you can choose the large size when wearing.

In addition, you should wear your hair up or do one side hairstyle to show off your beautiful jewelry.

4. Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is also a gorgeous 2020 jewelry trend. This classic material comes from the earrings of Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung; to the layered necklace of Anna Sui. In addition, the unique way to wear jewelry on the head is also chosen by the models from Khaite to impress.

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Pearls jewelry can give that swish of elegance to any outfit, no matter how plain. There are many ways for pearl jewelry to appear convincingly back. The fashion houses choose most pearl jewelry combined with clothing designs with simple or monochrome designs.

5. Oversized chain 

Oversized chains are also a gorgeous jewelry trend in 2020. Chains are getting bigger and becoming oversized in the spring runways 2020. For example, Zimmermann layered oversized chain necklaces with beaded ones. 

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This jewelry trend is suitable for any outfit. You can use each necklace or combine with another jewelry collection to create an impressive jewelry chain. Oversized Chains surely highlight a person’s neck and immediately catching attention.

6. Natural stones

People often love organic, rustic designs. That’s the reason why natural stone designs have become very popular today.  Many famous jewelry designers incorporate beautiful and natural stones in their designs. Moreover, to give a more organic look for wearers, designers also try to make some stones with live edges. 

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So if you’re going for an artsy vibe, opt for these natural stones in your jewelry box. 


These are just some of the many gorgeous 2020 jewelry trends. Fashion and jewelry trends keep changing, so try to update the latest trend to be more fashionable. Besides, you can visit to find many trendy and gorgeous designs. Plus, your purchase will be more perfect if you apply some discounts when shopping here, right? As a special Partner of, wish to bring the best value to customers that are a big fan of using discount codes, promo codes. So is your saving solution for fan of jewelry. More importantly, try to take advantage of coupon codes effectively when buying new jewelry trends without breaking the bank.

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