Travel experience on Bali Island, Indonesia every month is super detailed

What beautiful month to travel to Bali island? What is the weather like in Bali monthly? What should be noted? What play? Where to eat? All Bali travel experiences here!

Travel experience on Bali Island, Indonesia every month is super detailed

Bali is the name of an island and a province of Indonesia. The province includes the main island of Bali and a few neighboring islets, notably Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. It is located at the western end of the small Sunda archipelago, between the west Java and Lombok in the east. The capital of Bali, Denpasar, is located in the south of Bali island.

The general weather in Bali is extremely hot, so always have a hat, glasses, and sunscreen ready! And let’s find out what Bali weather will be like each month!

Bali in January

Traveling to Bali in January is really not a good time because the weather is very humid, continuously raining, each rain usually lasts several hours. Bali is home to many trees, so be more careful if you choose to stay near the jungle, because there will be many uninvited guests that are insects!

Bali February

Less rain than January, but Bali in February is still a rainy, humid month. If there is a sunny day, it will be extremely hot, cold night, quite difficult to adapt for visitors. However, traveling to Bali is fine right now, as you will still be able to visit the attractions without being too bothered by the rain. Moreover, at this time, Bali is not the tourist rush, you will not have to suffer from crowded, long queues for several hours to line up like the peak.

Bali in March

Traveling to Bali in March, you will have the opportunity to be in harmony with the atmosphere of the locals to welcome the Silent Ceremony – a quite large holiday in Bali. Bali weather in March is also quite favorable for travel, the rains are sparse, the weather is cool, the sky is clear.

Bali in April

April in Bali is not yet a very high tourist season, so the number of visitors is not crowded yet, you will “breathe easier” because you do not have to taste the long queues to take pictures. The weather is also better for sightseeing activities, less rain, not too hot.

Bali in May

May in Bali is a very pleasant month, the weather is dry, cool, and suitable for adventure travel. The weather is below 30 degrees Celsius, the natural scenery is cool, green, fresh, so what are you waiting for without planning your May trip?

Bali in June

June in Bali is known as the month of the festival. The month-long Indonesian cultural festival includes performances taking place at the Bali Arts Center in Denpasar, featuring spectacular and extremely attractive performances.

This month, the Bali Kite Festival is also taking place and attracts thousands of tourists visiting this place.

If you are a lover of indigenous culture, like to explore deeper into these activities, this is the month you should consider coming to Bali!

Bali in July

The start of the Bali peak tourist season in July. The weather in July in Bali is very suitable for tourism, of course, it’s hot. However, the heat will make you take pictures free of criticism, right?

Bali in August

Bali is very crowded in August. If you choose to travel in a resort-style, you should avoid August, or choose hotels and resorts with large and separate campuses to avoid being too crowded!

Bali weather in August is very convenient for travel, you are spoiled for checking in with famous sightseeing spots, extreme chill in coastal bars, or participating in exciting adventure travel activities. other.

Bali in September

Like August, Bali in September is also a good time for tourism, so the island will be very crowded. Be sure to prepare your posture to line up – queuing up is a specialty of Bali.

Bali weather in September is sunny, windy, suitable for visiting, checking in, and enjoying a true sea tour. Plan your September Bali trip!

Bali in October

Bali weather in October is quite hot, this is when the island is the hottest, the temperature is over 30 C. Although you will be a bit uncomfortable because of the hot weather, this weather is especially suitable for activities such as swimming. , surfing, swimming, …

Bali in November

November in Bali falls in the right rainy season, often the weather is very wet, unpleasant, and rainy for a long time. Sometimes there are storms too, so November can be said to be a not very favorable time for tourism.

Constantly updated hottest destinations in Bali, Indonesia


Kuta Beach: Kuta beach is quite long, clean, relatively large waves, quite clear, completely able to swim and surf. If you walk along Kuta beach you will receive countless offers to teach surfing. When coming to Kuta beach, you can participate in a myriad of interesting and attractive outdoor activities because of the characteristic advantage here is quite strong and high waves, suitable for surfing, skydiving, … Near the beach Beach walk mall is a shopping mall with many famous brands, you can visit or shop.

In Kuta, there is a very beautiful Bubble Hotel Bali Nunggalan, possessing a panoramic view of the super beautiful Kuta beach. Staying here for 1 night and enjoying the panoramic views of the Kuta beach is also an enjoyable experience!

Uluwatu temple: a high cliffed temple close to the Indian Ocean coast, is an ideal place to watch the sunset. This temple has a lot of monkeys too, the monkeys are fat because they are fed a lot and… robbing tourists of food. Carefully hide your glasses, cell phones, … and other shiny catchers because the monkeys love these items, they are ready to attack/steal from your hand in the blink of an eye.

Tanah lol Temple: The famous amphibious temple is no less famous than Uluwatu. The special thing is that this temple is located offshore, only at low tide will the road from the mainland to the temple be revealed. The temple does not allow pagans to visit, so you can only stand outside and watch. But don’t worry, the Indian Ocean sunsets with white foam waves will be one of the best you’ll ever see.

Bluepoint: The holy beach where surfing enthusiasts flock, the main reason surfers love this beach is because it is really very clear, and the waves are super big and roving. Here, there are not many local people who teach surfing, but the whole surfers professionally come to relax and try the thrills. The coast is steep and the waves are strong, so if it’s not a good swimmer it’s best to stay on the shore. But in return, to explore the nooks and crannies of the green mossy rocky shores are also many virtual living corners. Also on the walk down to the beach, you will see a lot of chill beach view cafes note that the path is a bit steep and the stairs are a bit high, climbing down is better but climbing is a bit tiring.


If Kuta – a coastal city filled with a vibrant, eager atmosphere, Ubud is the complete opposite. Featuring a humid high mountainous climate, Ubud is the capital of lush tropical rain forests.

Ubud Market: Located in the heart of Ubud, Ubud Market is a paradise for wanderers who love the local art and culture. Ubud Market with small alleys connecting, with countless shops displaying handicrafts, fabrics, rattan, souvenirs, … flooded. Many stores of handmade clothing and accessories are super love, but the price is a bit “shy”. Recommend you buy gifts for relatives and friends here, but remember to pay the price of about 1/2 – 1/3 that, the seller said challenge and hard.

Ubud street: It would be flawed if you arrived in Ubud without spending many hours walking around the streets. In fact, every night in Ubud I wander like that. Completely fascinated by old mossy houses, paved streets bearing the names of tourists who have been to Ubud for many years, elaborately carved gateways, temples, and churches Always fragrant with a characteristic scent of herb flowers, charming restaurants play old songs … lovely and smooth.

Campuhan Ridge walks: super romantic walk on the side of Ubud, not many of you know this place very well, but the truth is it is great. The road is about 2km long, paved with old square concrete tiles, the two sides are mop, beautiful bushes, super airy view. Those who come to Ubud for a long time often go jogging, walking early in the morning and in the evening, and cycling is also a good choice.

Bubble Hotel Ubud Bali: super virtual bubble hotel must definitely check in once in your life. Bubble Hotel Ubud Bali is not an ordinary hotel, but it is exactly a bubble in the middle of the forest, very beautiful and sparkling. Extremely photogenic, extremely hot, and full, you should book early!

Tirta Empul Temple: Hindu temple located about 15km from the center of Ubud, is one of the most sacred temples in Bali, surrounded by a stream flowing year-round. Water from the stream flows through a bubbling sedimentary holy water pond and from there flows directly into two large rectangular lakes through elaborately carved fountains. Don’t forget to experience the custom of washing away under these fountains. The people of Bali believe that the ritual of bathing in holy water will help to wash, purify themselves, and bring health and luck. You should go early because the later evening the water will be colder, and the road back to Ubud does not have many street lights, plus the driving on the left is quite dangerous, no joke.

Symmetrical sky gate architecture is a feature of most temple buildings in Bali, and the Titar Empul temple is no exception. Behind this gate is a large pool of water where the ritual of bathing under natural spring water is carried out with the desire to wash, purify oneself, pray for health and peace.

Symmetrical sky gate architecture is a feature of most temple buildings in Bali, and the Titar Empul temple is no exception. Behind this gate is a large pool of water where the ritual of bathing under natural spring water is carried out with the desire to wash, purify oneself, pray for health and peace.

Bali swings: it is an indispensable experience when coming to Ubud – swings in the green forest. You can find billboards swings in many places, with all kinds of services. We choose Bali swings, package price 35 $ / person paid in dollars, including 1 vegetarian buffet for lunch.

This class is played with all swings and photos taken in all bird nests. The staff here are super friendly and easygoing, every minute chanted “welcome to Bali swings” which is very funny, and comfortably asked them to take pictures and push the swing for you, how many times it is OK. The only note is that you should go early to reduce crowds, but stand in line for a long time to play/take photos really tired.

Ulun Danu temple: a long-standing temple famous for its towering black palm leaf roofs, especially overlooking the majestic Batur volcano with a vast, flat volcanic lake. The temple is quite far away and is a mountain road, so be careful if you drive by yourself. When you arrive, you will be invited by the locals to buy/rent sarongs and souvenirs at a price that is not cheap. Decisively refuse and leave if there is no need because the longer you stay, the more sellers will drag, but admonish technology, making you feel like not buying things for them is a sin. And if you still don’t buy their stuff in the end, they don’t regret cursing, even cursing, and fear of their souls.

Lempuyang temple: also known by a more easily identifiable name is Bali Sky Gate, this is one of the places that I look forward to most on my trip. We run straight from Ulun Danu temple to the temple, so the path through the forest is pretty as a fairy tale. To get 1 minute of posing at the gate of the sky, define the thought of having to queue for a long time, but have someone help you take photos, just run quickly into position and bend 8 thousand 6 thousand postures to get a picture for life only. Please note that you should choose a day with beautiful, clear weather to see the volcano behind, and go early.

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