Places to visit in Canada


One knows how Canada is popular for its chilly and killing winters! Well, this country has much more than only cold weather. Canada is blessed with high mountains, national parks, nature spots, waterfalls, and rainforests.  It is not at all a bad choice if you want to spend 10 days …

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The first thing people do when they want to travel is book cheap flights. What is the next thing they do? Look for good hotels of course. When it comes to hotels, most people look for affordability, hygiene, and location among other things. But the list we’re bringing you focuses …

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7 Things Every Traveller Must Know Before Visiting India

India is a beautiful, colorful and inspiring place and Offering an incredible contrast of sights, sounds, and spicy food tastes. India has a rich history and famous for following its old tradition and culture. India is the world’s second largest populated area in the world and famous for its crowd, …

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Rajdhani Express – India’s Answer To Luxury Trains

rajdhani express train

If you are an Indian and a regular traveler, you will know the struggle of traveling in Non-AC coaches of trains. But if you are ready to loosen up your pockets a bit and spend some extra money on a ticket of Rajdhani Express, you will know the amount of luxury …

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Living in London – Are Short Term Lets a Good Option?

living in london

Short let properties are suitable for any travelers but commonly rented by vacationers or business people who intend to stay in one place for two weeks. Short-term lets include houses, apartment, and flats. These properties are rented for a night, weekly or monthly or even yearly basis. Short let properties …

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