Traveling to Rome with kids – Here is what you need to know

Taking a trip to one of the most ethereal places on the planet, Rome is on almost everyone’s travel bucket list. Those who have visited the culturally rich city will definitely agree that it is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. Thus, a trip to Rome is an unforgettable journey for most (if not all) travelers.

But what if you have kids? Can you still travel to Rome and enjoy to the fullest? Will children be as interested in the ancient ruins as you?

It is most likely that kids, especially those who are young, might make your vacation to Rome a bit tiring but with some planning (and patience) you too can make the best out of your travel endeavors. The city has attractions for everyone and anyone. Also, there are several spaces and events that are child-friendly and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

To help you out, here is a cheat sheet on making your trip to Rome memorable for everyone, including those who like to waste their time in the hotel while on a vacation: –


The best way to enjoy your vacation and keep your sanity intact with kids is to pre-plan the entire trip. From hotel and flight bookings to the complete list of places to see – you must have everything prepared before you embark on the journey.

Additionally, kids who are young need extra ‘equipment’ to make their stay comfortable. Pushchairs, medicines, layering clothes, portable cribs, and variety of foods, are some of the items that might come in handy when you have kids tagging along. Remember, vacationing in Rome requires a lot of walking, therefore, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes for everyone in the family.

Know what’s the best time to visit

April to June and September to October are the most favorable months to plan your visit to Rome as temperatures are mild during this time period and the crowd is limited too. With kids, you should avoid visiting the city in July as that’s when the real tourist season starts and it will be difficult to handle them amidst the rush.

If you want to travel to Europe, it’s best that you start your tour with Rome. Duration of most Europe tours is 10 – 15 days and a stay of 3-5 days in the capital city of Italy is preferred by most families.

Major attractions

If you want to have the most authentic Roman experience, it would be ideal to start your tour of Rome with a Double Decker Bus Tour that gives plenty of sightseeing opportunities along with a guided tour. The bus operates from 9 stops and is usually at a walking distance from the city’s major points of interest.

The Time Elevator is also a digitalized way to explore and learn more about the historical features of Rome.

After the city tour, the first place you might want to see with the children is the very popular Vatican. To make the most out of your tour of the Vatican, it’s best to book your tickets beforehand through your travel operator. A tour inside the Vatican includes a visit to the main museum, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters Cathederal, which takes approximately 3 – 4 hours, so make sure kids are fresh and well fed.

The Colosseum is another famous attraction in Rome that you do not want to miss seeing at any cost. Apart from the guided audio and visual tour, don’t forget to check out the gladiators outside and take a lot of fun pictures.

Some other attractions that are a must visit with the kids include:

  • Capitol Hill
  • The Pantheon
  • Spanish Steps
  • The Catacombs
  • Techno town
  • Said Vintage Chocolate Factory
  • Explora
  • La Fontana di Trev

Parks and fountains

Rome is filled with wonderful parks, fountains, and piazzas where you can enjoy some peace while the children run around. Some parks that should be added to your travel itinerary include:

  • Villa Borghese
  • Piazza Novena
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Campo dei Fiori

Delicious food:

Eating out is a problem with kids especially those who are picky eaters. The good news is that even the most finicky eaters will indulge in Rome as there is plenty of pizza and gelato for everyone.

A few places worth mentioning are Tavern de’ Mercanti that serves everything from pizza to pasta and variety of meats. Vivi Bistro, situated inside the Villa Doria Pamphili, offers an organic children’s menu along with plenty of events for kid’s entertainment.

Forno Campo de’ Fiori is another kid-friendly pizza place that serves children free pizza slices while their parents wait in line.

Shopping for kids

Kids surely deserve an award for behaving well during the trip. Right? Treat them at the Città Del Sole (Via Della Scrofa 65) where they can choose from plenty of toy options.

Another shop to check out is Bartolucci, the home of Pinocchio, which sells hand-crafted toys and clocks. The shop is located near La Fontana dei Trevi.

General tips to make your vacation more comfortable:

  • Pushchairs: Strollers are always welcome by parents as it gets difficult to carry children around when there is a lot of walking involved. However, the cobblestone paved ways in Rome are not very stroller-friendly while subways are also not equipped with elevators. For this reason, for your trip to Rome, consider a small sized stroller that is easy to carry in public transports and small areas.
  • Be informed: Before you set out for your journey, make sure you read as much about the city as you can. Keep a map along or download apps on your mobile that can facilitate you with directions. It is also a good idea to be informed about public transports and have a plan in hand about how you will commute around the city.
  • Essentials: Apart from basic clothing, don’t forget to pack in adequate supply of medicines, sunblock, umbrella, and extra pairs of shoes.

And of course, don’t forget to pack in your camera as a tour to Rome will give you endless opportunities to capture memories. So keep these tips in mind and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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