Treat Puffy Eyes With Cucumber Soothing Mask

Nobody likes to go to office or college with those puffy eyes as it looks gruesome. Many people despite going to bed early at night still get puffy eyes when they wake up. This usually happens due to fluid retention around the eyes. So to get rid of puffy eyes you do not have to cover the eye bags under tons of makeup but simply use cucumber. Yes, cucumbers are very good for your eye and even skin. It contains many useful constituents like Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus and pantothenic acid. Apart from this cucumber are used to treat the swelling, and that is the reason it is used to treat puffy eyes.

Cucumber Detox drinks are also made which helps in weight reduction, detoxification and even as an energy drink also. In short, cucumber has myriads of advantages that are why it is widely used in salads, foods, and even drinks also. Cucumbers are your best friends in summer especially as it is full of liquid which maintains the body fluid in scorching sunny days where the body fluid is usually lost in the form of the sweating.

Benefits of Cucumber

There are many skin care products that are loaded with cucumber. That is because cucumber contains chemicals that are very useful for the skin. As the skin layer is very thin so, it can absorb anything that is applied on it.
There are many masks for skin and eyes that are specifically made from the cucumbers.

Cucumber Eye Soothing Mask

You can directly apply the cucumber slices on your eyes, but there is another easy way to do it. This is an easy way, and it can be used in future as well.

• Aloe gel
• Coconut oil
• Cucumber
• Carrot seed oil (Optional)

To make the mask for puffy eyes, all you have to do is blend cucumber, coconut oil, and aloe gel. Blend until a thick gel like consistency is attained. Now take this gel into a bowl and freeze it. After freezing, cut the gel into small cubes. So whenever you wake up with puffy eyes simply take out a cube from your freezer and apply it over under the eyes. Keep applying until you see a change in the swelling.
This mask is very easy to prepare. You can make it in bulk and freeze it in a small container or even ice cube trays and whenever you need it simply go to your fridge and take a cube out and apply it on your skin.

Benefits of This Mask

• The mask is easy to make
• The ingredients used are cost effective
• If prepared in large quantity it can be used in future
• The results will be visible immediately
• It is made from natural ingredients, so it is suitable for people having eye infections

This mask if useful as it will treat the puffiness immediately. So now there is no more going out with bulging eyes like a frog. For more tips visit

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